Last week, I was in the photo-taking mood so I convinced my photographer friend into capturing me in this abandoned area of Atlanta. I have a thing for blank spaces; leaving the subject to create their own art. Sidebar: the place I was imagining was not the place that I ended at, unfortunately. But it was still a beautiful desolate location. Abandoned railroad tracks down a mysterious path…I’m pretty sure that route was a popular one for slaves. I gotta do more research. Lol.

Everything didn’t go as planned and we got eaten alive by mosquitos but it was fun creating this.

I have a slight obsession with portraits, as evident from my Tumblr page. Being able to capture people at their most vulnerable state is entirely bewitching. In the moment, you immortalize a glance, an emotion. You share that moment with the world and let the viewer decide how they feel about it. That’s the beauty of art: being able to put it out and not worrying about trying to define exactly what it is. So here is a set of moments conceptualized by me, captured by Ben Styles. Hope you enjoy.

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