My kind of guy

First of all, let’s talk about Terrence J’s face in this picture. LOL. Okay, let’s not. But Terrance J in the movie? I’d holla. Not for his mama’s boy character in the film but for his bod-ay! I see you boo!

I took a year off from dating (things girls say when no one is seriously trying to holler) and I think I’m sure about what kind of guy I would like to date.

1. The masseuse – I have a mild case of scoliosis and I have constant back pain. That is not a line, it is truth. It would be nice if the Mr. knew how to rub it out every once in a while. Save me on a chiropractic visit.

2. The crooner – God knew best when He didn’t give me a voice like Beyonce. So I’ll settle for a man with a little bit of vibrato. Karaoke duets. What?!

3. The mechanic – You may think it’s funny but I’ll be laughing at you when those guys charge you a ridiculous price for new brakes.

4. The plumber – I mean, for various reasons, and not just toilets!!!

5. The graphic designer – I will REJOICE the day I date a graphic designer so that I too can finally say, “oh, my boyfriend designed my blog”. Take THAT you fashion bloggers! LOL.

If you could strategically pick out a guy to date, what would he be like? What would his occupation be? Does it even matter to you?

P.S. My list may or may not be serious. You decide.


  1. I was reading this in public and laughed out loud when I read “the plumber”. Note to self, take Luce OFF of google reader 😉

  2. When I was younger (Middle school) I jokingly thought about getting with certain guys because of their attributes in order to breed super kids…think track and field athletes. You may have inspired me to write a similar post. I don’t blame you for this list AT ALL… all of these brothers get the eye from me. And as far as Terrance J….I’ve been checking for his fine lil self for a minute.

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  4. Ha ha ha!! A mechanic. Shoot, cause I’m independent and all, but I cannot fix a darn thing in my home. Would love for my Mr. to be able to do all of that. My car too.

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