Made you look: scarf face

I have the honor of participating in Mattie from Mattielogie’s Made You Look scarf challenge. I’m not a big scarf-wearer but thankfully, I found a lovely one at a local thrift store.

In my first look, I used the scarrf…as a scarf. Corny, I know. But remember a while ago when men and women alike started wearing scarves around their neck IN THE SUMMER TIME? I never understood that. This is my first time trying it in that trendy fashion. I’m not sure I tied it right but you get the gist. I was going for the cowgirl look. Yeehaw 😉

In my second look, I wore the scarf as a belt. It was small enough to fit around my tiny waist so why not?

Be sure to check out Mattie’s look on her blog. Now how do you wear your scarf?


  1. I absolutely love both looks. The scarf you picked is teh perfect accompaniment to to your outfit. You are killing those jeans girl!

  2. You’re drop dead gorgeous. Seriously. This ensemble is so simple and chic…the scarf works anyway! My particular favorite is the look with the hat. Totally unexpected. Please tell me you’re going to (or have already) wear this.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Made You Look.


    • I have not worn that outfit out yet but I will.

      Thanks ladies!

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