I have the honor of participating in Mattie from Mattielogie’s Made You Look scarf challenge. I’m not a big scarf-wearer but thankfully, I found a lovely one at a local thrift store.

In my first look, I used the scarrf…as a scarf. Corny, I know. But remember a while ago when men and women alike started wearing scarves around their neck IN THE SUMMER TIME? I never understood that. This is my first time trying it in that trendy fashion. I’m not sure I tied it right but you get the gist. I was going for the cowgirl look. Yeehaw 😉

In my second look, I wore the scarf as a belt. It was small enough to fit around my tiny waist so why not?

Be sure to check out Mattie’s look on her blog. Now how do you wear your scarf?