I’ve gotten the travel bug and I’m not stopping now. Next on my list of places to visit was Chicago. Although it was a great trip, I didn’t have nearly enough time to explore all the city had to offer.

The Bean Chicago

Those under $100 flight deals sure are a steal. Until you’re waking up at 4am to catch the flight. Which I almost missed, by the way. Upon arrival at Chicago’s Midway airport, I grabbed an Uber. That was my first time using it on my own and I had no idea what I was doing. Fifty-five dollars later, I learned never to order Uber Black.

This was also my first time getting an Airbnb. After much research (and help from a friend), I decided on the cutest private room in an apartment in the Ukranian Village. I loved the neighborhood so much. Very hipster, if you’re into that.

Ukrainian Village Chicago

I’m really grateful to be able to travel with friends or to have friends at the places I travel. My good friend Chuck picked me  up from my Airbnb and we went in search of breakfast. First of all, shout out to my new friend Janelle for putting me on to the good restaurants in Chicago. The power of social media and good energy is real, people. I love meeting cool people I follow online in real life.

Batter & Berries is probably the best breakfast I’ve ever had. And I don’t even eat breakfast like that. My goodness!

Batter & Berries Chicago

Next, I assisted Chuck with an engagement photo shoot near the Navy Pier. If you’re in the Chicago area and need a photographer, he’s the one to call!

Lucy's Pearls Travels: Chicago, IL

While waiting for the couple for the second shoot to arrive, we stopped by The Wiener’s Circle for a Chicago style hotdog. Now I usually don’t like a bunch of toppings on my hotdog but this one was good.

The next engagement shoot took place near the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk. I immediately fell in love with all the architecture in Chicago.

Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk Chicago

Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk Chicago

So being a photographer’s assistant is pretty exhausting to say the least, lol. I was pretty pooped and ready to eat. On my list of things to eat was deep dish pizza. I got a few recommendations but the one we chose (Lou Malnati’s) was super packed so we went to Giordano’s instead. Guess who didn’t want to wait 40 minutes for the deep dish and opted for the 20 minute thin crust instead?

You guessed it.

The next day, I met up with my new friend Janelle. She was my tour guide for most of the day, bless her heart. First, we ate at Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe. Clearly, this is the place for breakfast because we waited almost an hour to be seated. Y’all, their french toast was stuffed with the most delectable purple cream filling. I don’t know what it was. Just get it when you go.

Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe

Again, God bless you Janelle for being my guide. We walked everywhere. Starting with The Bean in Millennium Park.

The Bean Chicago

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is where they have concerts. If you look close, you’ll see the suspended speakers. So even if you’re all the way in the back of the lawn area, you can hear everything crystal clear.

Millenium Park Chicago

What makes Chicago more interesting of a place to visit than New York (to me) is the architecture and lots more SPACE. I don’t think I’ve ever seen buildings as tall as the ones in Chicago.

Downtown Chicago

The view from The Nichols Bridgeway was pretty dope as well.

The Nichols Bridgeway Chicago

The Nichols Bridgeway

Lucy in Wondaland.

Black woman?

Chicago, IL

We kept walking on Michigan Avenue until we reached Buckingham Fountain. I don’t know the significance of this but it was nice to look at.

Buckingham Fountain

The weekend I was there was also the Air and Water show. Janelle told me there’s usually not that many boats out on Lake Michigan.

You know you have money when you can afford to let your kids have and drive their own boat.

Lake Michigan Chicago

The day was pretty much almost over with still more to see but so little time. Before Janelle and I parted ways, we grabbed some Italian ice from Mario’s Italian Lemonade to cool off from the heat.

Mario's Italian Lemonade Chicago

Hey Janelle!

I had an early flight and was really too exhausted to do much else. My Airbnb hosts (who were SUPER cool – felt like we were college roommates), suggested I go to a late night spot in the neighborhood called Pub Royale. I was really digging all the White boys/bartenders with beards. I support the movement.

Honestly, I wasn’t ready to leave Chicago. Never did get garrett’s popcorn, or go to the navy pier, hyde park or any other major monument. Suffice to say that next time, I will plan better and spend more time when I return.