I thought long and hard about what I would do for this Ford Fiesta social activism post. I thought about volunteering or highlighting an entrepreneur’s business. All of those are well and nice things to do, especially during the holidays. Giving back is good for the soul. But as I was getting ready to go, an uneasy feeling made me pause in my tracks.

I decided that I was going to a nursing home yesterday. I was listening to Beyonce’s new album and the track, Pretty Hurts, immediately resonated within me. For the past few days, it was the first song on my mind when I woke up. As I struggled to find something to wear, I realized that I didn’t really want to go. I know, that sounds really horrible.

How can I not want to spend time creating a care package for someone who probably never receives visitors?

Sometimes I think we use charity as a way to feel good about ourselves – to feed our souls. Let me spare this dollar to a homeless person. There, I’ve done my good deed of the day. Or, You really want that sandwich? Don’t worry, I got you. Because I’m just a good person like that. But really, are you a good person? Shouldn’t doing and giving come natural to you? To us?

We do things sometimes not because we really want to, but to make us appear like we’re good people. I don’t want to appear to be good, I want to be good. It is a life goal of mine.

Speaking of appearances, I keep up a good one, sometimes. We all do when it comes to our imperfections.

Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Perfection is the disease of a nation
Pretty hurts
Shine the light on whatever’s worse
Tryna fix something
But you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery


I hate that my face is crooked.

I hate that one cheekbone is more pronounced than the other.

I hate my laugh lines.

Sometimes I hate that people remind me that “I don’t look Black”.

Everyone thinks I’m pretty. Thanks, I guess. But who cares that you’re pretty if your soul is repulsive?

Who cares of your actions if your intentions are not pure?

Maybe I’m rambling. Who knows if these words are even a cohesive thought. My point is this: be good. Make sure that your soul is genuine. Make sure that what you do, when you do it, comes from a place of love and care, not obligation. Work on your soul so that the outpouring of it is authentic.

Happy Monday.

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