I’m Not a Player, I Just Blog a Lot

This statement couldn’t be a further exaggeration of the truth. Well, let me clarify. I’m neither player nor extreme blogger.

So I’m the type of person that will take forever to do something, and then lose interest in it once it’s time to get it done. There have been so many times I decided I wanted to start a new series or create a new project, only to blink my eyes and see everyone that else had put my vision into fruition.

And that’s the thing:

That’s what I have to remind myself.

And remember also,

forever 21 yellow sweater

forever 21 yellow sweater

When I first started this blog, I wrote everyday. It was therapeutic. I built a community with you all. It was fun, and it still can be.

All that to say, I will blog consistently again. Yeah, life gets crazy, but I miss this place. This is my space that I transparently share with you. I can’t get so consumed in my life that I forgot to share some of it with you all.

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.” Peter Handke

forever 21 yellow sweater

forever 21 yellow sweater

If you’re a blogger or a writer, do you write everyday? What inspires you to write?


  1. I want to write everyday, and try to publish something on the blog 3x a week. But girl if you didn’t say a word about not getting upset if someone else puts your vision into fruition! I need to get working on my ideas right now.

  2. Yet again, I am going to post on every blog on your site because just today I got an Idea and I got so excited but then thought well there are others out here that do this but this post just reminded me that No one can be ME but ME. thank you again Lucy you are such a blessing!!!

    Love & Light

    • Lucy Dazilma Reply

      Many people do the same thing everyday. Nothing is original under the sun. So do YOU.

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