Illustrations: Olive Paperie

A few years ago, Dana of Olive Paperie featured me on her blog. She made this super cute fashion design illustration of me that I was so very found of.

Besides illustration, graphic design, prints, photography and a plethora of things she has her hands in, Dana now has an online shop called Pardon My Fro. Here you will find art prints, stationery, totes and home decor. Basically just a little splash of something to make you even more glamorous.

I’ve been staring at this particular print for a while now. Bold and sassy. It’s soooo me. Let me gather my coins cuz it’s mine 🙂

olive paperie winter

And other prints I love.

olive paperie indigo

olive paperie rain

olive paperie

Random side bar: It’s really great to see us sisters doing well. Always makes me a little proud.

Check her out on Instagram and support.


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