I hate you

I’m up again. Day four of the storm. I went to bed early and now I’m wide awake at almost 5am. Grrrr! Of course my mind is reeling.

I’ve always wanted to address this topic but I’ve gotten side tracked or didn’t want to offend anyone. But a friend of mine called me a hater yesterday and I was truly bothered. Hate is such a strong word. One that I believe is misused way too often.

Hate: to dislike intensely or passionately. I’m pretty sure that hate requires a lot of energy, time and thought. Saying that you hate something or someone has to have some history behind it. The way the term is being loosely thrown around really disturbs me.

Hater: someone that is jealous of you or what you have. At least this is what I believe it means. But why is it that if someone isn’t visibly ecstatic for someone else, they’ve become a hater? What makes someone think that? Seriously. It bothers me to my core when someone thinks everyone HAS to love their life and their possessions and if they don’t, they’re a hater. Has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe your life and/or possessions just might not be what the other person wants? Or care to want? Can people not have different tastes and still be cool? You don’t get what I’m talking about? Ok, here are a few examples:

Girl one: Omg, I love this dress! Girl two: really? I think those colors are a bit bland but to each his own. Girl one: gosh, you’re such a hater. [Really?]

Having a disagreement. Hater.

Not wanting to talk about lovey-dovey stuff 24/7. Hater.

Not showing excitement. Hater.

Bored with the conversation. Hater.

Not interested. Hater.

You’re single? Hater.

You’re fat? Hater.

You’re broke? Hater.

I mean, really?

Ok. I get it. If you’re not jumping off the walls in excitement for someone, you’re jealous and secretly want what they have. Therefore making you a hater. So people can’t disagree anymore? And why is it something that only women get called? I don’t see people going around calling men haters. Men say what they want and how they want. But when a girl has a man’s mentality, or does not possess all the girly girl excitement, she’s a hater. As if we’re all supposed to be these bubbly bundles of joy all the time. And if we don’t raise the roof every time something spectacular happens, we’re haters.

Since when did being a replica ever become cool and something to hate over? Chile, please. If you’re happy about your life, why are you even concerned about “haters”? WHO CARES? Your life is not that awesome. Was that hate? If you think so, go sit down somewhere and be still. This world is filled with too many people who think everyone wants to live their lives. *bbm not interested face* And if you honestly think your friends are hating on you, you aren’t friends.

Good day.

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  1. Quick story: this morning I wake up and think of an insignificant convo I had with my boss yesterday about the snow on the ground.

    Boss: Have I mentioned I hate snow…?
    Me (almost automatically): Oh! I hate it too, man. Did you have to do any shoveling at all?
    Boss nods head
    Me: Well, you did a splendid job.

    Then it hit me this morning and a voice said to me:
    By saying you hate the snow you are saying you hate what God provides for you.
    Then I thought about the Israelites and the heavenly bread, and how the bread is arepresentation of Jesus, and by saying that they hated it and were tired of eating it, in actuality they were referring to Jesus.

    Offending the Good Lord is not the best way to start a day… But the points and questions you raise are on point. Hate originated in the secrets of Lucifer and we – I – need to ease up on the casual use of that word.

    “Let the WORDS of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.” Amen! Psalm 19:14

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