When most little girls and boys were playing with baby dolls and action figures, I was busy entertaining myself with my board game called The Game of LIFE. Man, I wanted to be a grown up so bad that I was okay settling with the toy version of adulthood. Should I go to college or straight to work? Should I have a family of four or travel the world? Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. And surely, just like in real life, your choices will be affected by the path you choose. That’s just life.

Our real lives are very much like The Game of LIFE, isn’t it? Brimming with twists and turns and uncertainty. Change is indeed scary, but it is necessary for growth. progress

Last week I interviewed for an internship at what I consider the best PR firm in Atlanta. I was offered the position and accepted. If this were The Game of LIFE, I’d roll my dice and move straight into full-time employment, then apartment, travel, boyfriend, travel, husband, travel, kids and then death. Real life is indeed a game that you must play in order to win.

In real life, you must be able to adapt in order to evolve.

For the longest, I believed my life would be a certain way and when it didn’t turn out how I expected, I was crushed. I got knocked down and refused to get up. I allowed limiting beliefs and self-doubt to creep in. When those ideas of defeat settle, they shape our mindsets.

Being adverse to changing how you view your life will leave you stagnant. You think you aren’t a good writer so you don’t write. You think you can’t play an instrument well, so you don’t practice. This is your life. You have the right to say, “On second thought, I changed my mind.” You have authority to hit the restart button. At any given moment, your life can (and will) change.

If you never try anything new, how will you ever grow? Life is just a series of experiences that lead to opportunities for growth.

So I’m changing my mind today.

I can (and will) write.

Ican (and will) use this internship to grow and learn.

I can (and will) put my best foot forward.

I can (and will) believe in myself.

Now your turn. What have you been thinking and believing that needs to be changed? Speak promises into your life until your promise is fulfilled.

Happy Monday.