how to stay sane

So I just finished reading ‘Ruby‘ by Cynthia Bond and damn her for letting me long for more. I won’t lie, this is the first book I can remember reading that I’ve fully understood and felt whatever the characters were feeling. It terrified me, made me sympathize and feel love all at the same time. Bond’s use of imagery was shockingly vivid and much appreciated. Her novel made me realize that life is crazy. People are going through unimaginable things and making through those situations with mere threads of their sanity. Now I understand how much power we have in order to stay sane in this crazy world.

So how do you stay sane in this crazy world? How can you create a semblance of life when the world feels to be crumbling around you?

1. MEDITATE – I recall when I was having anxiety last year that caused incessant heart palpitations. I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. Then I remembered to breathe. I remember that everything always passes through. Once you really learn how to center yourself and breathe, your worries instantly melt away. If you have trouble focusing while meditating, focus on something in the room. Stare at light until you feel like you’re staring THROUGH the light. Count sheep. No, for real. Count. You will begin to relax. Light candles. And BREATHE.

2. LESS MEDIA – I barely watch TV. When I do, it’s for no more than two hours a day. I watch movies sparingly. I used to read books like crazy and I’m getting back into the habit of that. You may not realize it but take it from someone who works in media, you are being distracted. Isn’t there something else you want to do than watch someone else living their lives?

3. EXERCISE – Now I’m not practicing what I preach here. It’s not that I don’t like working out, it’s that I’m too lazy to do it consistently. I know that a simple daily walk or jog would lower my blood pressure, but do I do it? No. Exercise folks. We need it.

4. HAVE FUN – Amongst all the things that HAVE to get done and get paid, we can’t forget that we are still living and deserve to enjoy life. Maybe you can’t afford to go on vacation but you can recreate it at home. Create your own oasis of peace. Do what makes you happy.

Photo Credit: We Heart It