Happy 5th Birthday, Lucy’s Pearls!

I can’t believe five years on this blog has finally come. If I’m honest, I thought about closing up shop and ending this space at the end of 2014. Blogging is work. But when I look back to my first real post, I remember how excited I was to start a new journey. That, and you, remind me of what I’ve started and why I can’t let go just yet.

I’ve toyed around with the idea of having a blog anniversary party. Five years is a pretty big deal, right? I held my first Lucy’s Pearls blog event a year ago and I had a BLAST. This something I would love to do again with a lot more people. And by people, I mean you.

I’m cooking up a little something and I hope you all can join me in celebration. More details soon. Until then, don’t forget to fill out my survey.

Happy New Year!


  1. museisaverb Reply

    I’m a relatively new reader, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following your journey thus far. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 5th and say that I’m glad you decided to stick around.

  2. Kim Jackson Reply

    Happy Birthday Lucy’s Pearls! Glad you’ve decided to stick around for us ;-). xxk

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