I’ve been toying with the idea of whether or not to take a week off from blogging.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “What do you need a break for? You’re not even working right now.” True. But every so often (more often than “so often”), I get into a bit of blogging rut. Not because I lack content to write about, but because I just don’t want to write. And I honestly can’t tell you WHY that is. It just is. This has never happened to me so early in the year but I will say, whenever I’m going through a transitional phase, it is difficult to focus. And that’s as best as I can explain it.

The idea of deserting my blog for a week seems kinda crazy. But maybe it’s what I need in order to recharge and post with enthusiasm again.

Because honestly, sometimes I just don’t want anything to do with social media.

Outside of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the rest, you really should have friends. Friends that do things. Friends that don’t always want or need to update their social media outlets.

Have no fear, I haven’t been sitting at home in front of the TV binge watching episodes of Scandal. Au contraire, I’ve been putting social media away and enjoying the simple things in life.

I talk about this ALL THE TIME but I can’t say enough how important to your sanity to disconnect. Too many opinions and not enough cares for me (or you) to be tuned in to social media 24/7.

So what have I been doing?

I went to the Atlanta Fair! Is it me or is the fair experience completely different as an adult? I didn’t want to get on any rides (germs) or eat any of the food (super fatty). But the kids there thoroughly enjoyed themselves, it seemed.

I attended yet another baby shower. I think I’m done for now. Y’all gotta chill.

Went to a cool re-launch party where I got to take 3D pictures and wear cat ears.

creative nuova

I spent a day exploring my city. Surprisingly, I’ve never been in the CNN Center so I took an unofficial tour. Then I ate at Mango’s off Auburn Ave. Quite possibly the best Jamaican I’ve ever had.

mango's atlanta

Yesterday I attended the quaterly meet up for Southern Blog Society, of which I’m a member. This was my first meet up since joining. Nothing like beer and laughs and a good ole time.

monday night brewing atlanta

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I have to do better at taking and posting pics but…it’s a chore sometimes. Especially when you aren’t in the mood.

Really excited about this weekend. The Atlanta Film Festival and a cool photo shoot on Sunday. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!