Girl, what do you use on your hair?


1. I’ve only gotten my hair lifted (process of lightening hair) once, by my sister, a year ago. Very old. My color has gotten lighter/brighter on its own.

2. I don’t have a hair length goal. I’ve cut it all off and back. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s just hair.


3. I pretty much wear my hair in this twisty-fro all the time, unless it’s braided up.

4. My hair grows really fast. No gimmicks. My texture comes from my dad’s side.

photo (11)

5. I am not a product junkie. Too many products will leave your hair confused. The Cantu leave-in and Whipped Curl Creme are pretty great products.

photo (19)

6. I’ve found that these three products below: Lock & Twist Gel, blow out cream and castor oil are what work best for curl definition with my hair.

photo (18)

Any questionsssss?

miss lucy


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