Four more years

Four years ago, I was sitting on my living room couch writing a paper while watching the results for the presidential election roll in. I was happy that Obama won. I was elated to be alive to see the first African-American president of the United States. I was proud that I voted for that man. But today is different. I’m even more excited about this election. And I feel like it is even more important than the first time.

I’m sure I might get a few frowns for speaking politics but it’s my damn blog so…yeah. The last four years have been extremely rocky for our country. Financially, many of us experienced the worst times. Slowly but surely, progress is being made. Jobs are being created and unemployment is still low. Change doesn’t happen over night. We have one hell of a clean up to do.

I believe in President Barack Obama and what he stands for. I have faith that things are changing for the better. Here’s to moving FORWARD.



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