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What an event. Honestly, I really can’t say much without making you jealous for not being there. But I will say this: it was WELL put together! Fashionable Atlanta, started by blogger, Eboni of Fashionista Next Door decided to have a meet up with all of the local fashionistas and bloggers. This event was held at Envy’s Pretty Party in Atlanta’s historic Little Five Points (L5P). Now I go to L5P all the time but I never thought to step into this boutique. And what a mistake! Who knew one shop could have so many different fabulous finds. From clothes to shoes to makeup to a salon. YES PLEASE! And the gift bag? FORGET IT! I’ve never attended an event where the gift bag got me all the way hype. As well as being in the presence of so many awesome ladies.

I think that’s enough chatter for now. Admire my photos. Click on the links. Watch my video and spread the word. Why? Because you won’t want to miss the next event. Check out the blog and Facebook fan page and make sure you like it.

The boutique
The gift bags
Oh. I didn't mention that we were fed? I'm sorry.
The salon
Oops. We got coupons for these.
Love NYX
OK, not everyone got this treatment.

Just a few fabulous bloggers

(Twitter: @amgseries88)
(Twitter: @glossymimi)
@Arielle (right)
(Twitter: @FashionNoGuilt)
(Twitter: @dawnavette)
(Twitter: @Funkyjade_MUA)
(Twitter: @Jaimarie)
Lady of the night @FashionNextDoor
Ok ok ok, I'll stop
old pink top, Boyfriend jeans & flats: Target

And lastly, my youtube video. Sorry about the quality.

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