This month, I think it would be appropriate to go with an organizational theme. What better way to start off the new year than with a de-cluttered closet?


I don’t know why but we women love to hold on to things. We’ve got to stop hoarding clothes we haven’t worn in years in order to make our closets appear full.

In posts from WHO WHAT WEAR, experts gave a few tips on how to keep your closets organized. The best advice of all the tips has to be a rule of thumb for women everywhere:

“If you can’t see it, you don’t wear it!” Andrea Rapke, Founder of The Organized Move

SO TRUE. I have so many things still in boxes from my last move that I’ll probably never wear again because it’s just been so long and now, probably outdated.

Here are a few more tips that I think we could use:

Downsize your t-shirt collection. 

No one needs to hoard mounds of t-shirts. Hold onto your favorite seven and donate the others because let’s be honest, you always go for the one on the top of the pile anyways.

Keep your shoes visible. 

This one is simple: if you can’t see it, you won’t wear it. If you hide your shoes toward the back of your closet, you will continue to wear the same pairs over and over again. Even out the playing field and show yourself all of your options.

Invest in the right hangers.

Explore your options! Get to know your closet and find out which types of hangers make most sense for your wardrobe. We suggest avoiding wire hangers because they can deform your clothing; instead go for a thin and sleek style that will save very valuable closet space.

Try these: Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Hangers


“If you have the space to hang everything, hang everything,” Rapke says. “You’ll wear more if you can see it.”

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