In honor of National Women’s and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Co-founders of The Red Pump Project, Karyn and Luvvie, decided to present an event around several U.S. cities. The Red Pump Project is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls.

To commemorate this day, I attended Cupcakes and Condoms,  hosted by the Atlanta ambassador, Skyy Banks. We spent our afternoon mingling, chatting about sexual health and, of course, eating cupcakes.



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Rockin’ the red pump.

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This woman right here…candid, to say the least. From the moment I walked into the room and heard her voice, I knew that she was someone special. Sexual health educator, Ms. Nyrobi Moss, spoke about safe sexual practices, prevention and a sprinkling of relationships advice. Not to mention the “tongue in cheek” tutorial that cannot be televised, or blogged. Lol.

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Favorite quotes:

On talking to your partner about their status:

There’s a very big difference between secrecy and privacy.

Conversations go deeper than just condoms. Ask the questions you need to.

On relationships:

Relationships are hard work. Easy to get into and harder to maintain.

Everyone you are dating either magnifies or reflects something you have going on.

On sex:

Men have sex with their egos. Condoms are supposed to fit.

Sex costs on five different levels: emotionally, spiritually, financially, psychologically, and physically.

If we could reach our own g-spots, partners would be obsolete.

Bigger is not always better. Get someone who fits you.

And because this is just a damn good quote:

All d*ck ain’t good d*ck and all p*ssy ain’t good p*ssy.

Well…that’s that.

“Every 47 minutes, a woman will be diagnosed with HIV in the United States. That’s why we #RocktheRedPump.”

miss lucy