It’s been an interesting week for me, health-wise. I pride myself on being transparent on this blog but as of late (and as a friend of mine pointed out), I’ve been “holding back”. Even on here, I feel like some things just aren’t meant to be shared. It’s always a difficult call to make but yours all the same.


I’m grateful to be alive and to still have my sanity and the functioning of all of my limbs. Sometimes you forget how integral each and every part of your body is.

Anyway, all of that to say, despite whatever it is you’re going through, find a way to stay inspired. Continue to use your talents to create the beautiful things you want to see in the world.

Earlier this week, I did a fun Solange-inspired shoot. Can’t wait to share the photos with you all. Who knows, maybe she’ll see them. You never know. I didn’t expect to be on Zappos’ Instagram. If I end up on Solange’s IG, I’ll split my wig!

Have a marvelous weekend!