I’ve never been big on holidays and Christmas is probably my least favorite. Not because I hate baby Jesus or anything; I just think holidays are different as a single adult. When you’re a kid, you behave all year, anticipating Santa bringing you all the gifts you’ve asked for…


You sneakily slipped his milk and cookies by the side chair. You made sure you leave the light on so that he’ll find his way around after shimmying down the chimney. You wake up early Christmas morning just happy to be in that moment.

In that moment, everything is beautiful, everything is perfect.

At least that’s what I saw in the movies.

You see, I didn’t grow up with that traditional Christmas. There was no tree or presents, glitz or glamour. I actually only remember one Christmas in my early teens when all my family came together. That was before I moved to Georgia, away from it all. So I grew up not really doing anything on that day. It was just another day to sleep in.

As I’m getting older, I care less and less for the holiday; at least the commercialized version of it. An ideal Christmas for me would be me laying on bleached white sand on a secluded island. No dreary cold weather and no Feliz Navidad.

The holidays for me is a reflective time. It’s a time to acknowledge my shortcomings and accomplishments. It’s a time to make plans for a more prosperous new year.

Not trying to rain on your merry Christmas parade so I’ll end on a happy note.

I wish you all the love that you can stand, wherever you find it. I hope you receive everything you ask for and more.

Happy holidays.

miss lucy