How to Create a Natural Glam Makeup Look

Those of you who know, know that I live for a natural face beat. You know, a nice nude with a pop of lip color. Maybe a little eyeliner to jazz it up. But not by much. Since it is the month we celebrate love, I wanted to create a look for Valentine’s Day that was natural, yet glamorous at the same time. To achieve this look, I enlisted the help of my trusted friend/sister, Naomie of Blushed By Naomie.

natural glam makeup tutorial

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How To Pack Like a Pro for the Holidays

How to Pack for the Holidays

Despite not having consistent employment in 2015, I got to visit more places in a year than I’ve ever before. Once I got a full-time job, I committed to traveling somewhere once a month. Since July, I’ve been to New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, and New York. Tomorrow, I leave for Los Angeles and I’m GEEKED.

You don’t have to make a ton of money to travel (please, take that from this unemployed girl). All you have to do is be smart about your decisions and PLAN. From planning out where you’re going to planning what to pack, be strategic. In this post, I will focus solely on showing you how to pack like a pro for the holidays.

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The New French Roll

french roll hairstyle tutorial

Last weekend, I attempted to put a new twist to the classic french roll of the early 90’s. You know it well. I’m sure your mom rocked the hell out of it every week for church. I happen to love anything classic so I added two different styles at the front for interests sake.

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