How To Pack Like a Pro for the Holidays

How to Pack for the Holidays

Despite not having consistent employment in 2015, I got to visit more places in a year than I’ve ever before. Once I got a full-time job, I committed to traveling somewhere once a month. Since July, I’ve been to New Orleans, Chicago, Nashville, and New York. Tomorrow, I leave for Los Angeles and I’m GEEKED.

You don’t have to make a ton of money to travel (please, take that from this unemployed girl). All you have to do is be smart about your decisions and PLAN. From planning out where you’re going to planning what to pack, be strategic. In this post, I will focus solely on showing you how to pack like a pro for the holidays.

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Lucy’s Pearls Travels: New Orleans, LA

Times are stressful for everyone, everywhere. The last thing people want to do is focus on the realities of life. We’re all in search of healthy ways to mentally escape the daily grind. Luckily, escapism comes in many forms. Some people play sports, have kids or listen to music as a form of escape, I like to travel.

Although I haven’t be able to travel as of late, it’s still one of my favorite pastimes. So when two of my friends planned a trip to New Orleans (a place that I’ve longed to visit forever), I decided to tag along for the ride.

New Orleans (or NOLA as it is affectionately called), is a charming city. So many of my favorite instagrammers have documented their travels to NOLA and I couldn’t bear a single person going again without me experiencing the sights for myself.

Despite being unbearably hot and humid, I enjoyed my short stay in the beautiful New Orleans.

French Quarter New Orleans

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Lucy’s Pearls Travels: Lagos, Nigeria

Yesterday was my bestie boo’s two year wedding anniversary. It’s been two years since my first visit to Africa in 2012. This post is two years LATE. I kept procrastinating because I didn’t really know how to process that amazing experience. But now is a good a time as any to share with you all the beauty that I saw in Lagos, Nigeria.

lagos nigeria

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Lucy’s Pearls Travels: Savannah, GA

All work and no play make for a very overwhelmed and uninspired Lucy Pearl. Equipped with a laundry list of things to do and see, I decided to take an impromptu midweek trip to Savannah, Georgia for a few hours. I was craving time to recharge and to appreciate life.

Due to time constraints, I wouldn’t realistically have been able to appreciate everything Savannah had to offer but I made the most of my trip. I ate and did my share of sight-seeing and people-watching. That was more than enough.

savannah georgia

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Lucy’s Pearls Travels: New York, NY

Whether you take a trip to a neighboring city or abroad, traveling broadens so much of your perspective on life. Traveling exposes you to cultures that you couldn’t possibly experience by simply watching television. Not to say that you can’t learn about cultures right in your own backyard but it is a magnificent experience once you venture out.

I’ve always found aspects of myself in others while traveling. Like attracts like, right? Connecting, listening to stories and observing have always made me feel alive. On this trip to New York, I was able to run into quite a few amazing individuals who made my trip worthwhile. Thank you Channing, Daphne, Cindy, Taniel, Irveline, Christiana, Derrel, Krystal, Cynthia, Monisha, Aisha and Ulysses for showing me a good time.

new york

 “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” — Augustine of Hippo 

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Lucy’s Pearls Travels: Dallas, TX

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m moving to Dallas. At first I was like dang, I can’t take a vacation? Lol. Then I realized, oh, I’ve been saying for years that I would move to Texas (when I never even visited the place). Now that I have visited, I’ve decided that I could live in Texas temporarily, but not forever.

I’m not sure why I thought I could live in Houston. Maybe because of their Nigerian population and because Queen B is from there but uh, no. When I touched down at William Hobby airport, I rented a car and headed out for some sight-seeing while waiting on a friend. While I was driving on the highway, I saw palm trees…in Texas. The whole area reminded me of Orlando. Being that I’ve spent the first 14 years of my life in South Florida, I don’t want to move to a place that reminds me of it. Been there, done that. Overall, it just wasn’t a place I could really see myself enjoying.

Houston, Texas

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