Vitamin G2 Vitality Juice Cleanse

juice cleanse

This morning, I desperately wanted a burger. Then I remembered that I no longer eat red meat. And then I wanted to cry. I was vegan for six days before becoming pescatarian. It really was and is one of the best decisions I’ve made in life. But when you are seeking a healthy lifestyle change, your habits have to change as well. Because my habits didn’t match the lifestyle, I felt like a juice cleanse was necessary. Enter Vitamin G2 Vitality.

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Eye Can See Clearly Now:

I’ve worn glasses since I was a junior in high school and since then, I’ve gone through six pair of frames. I love the versatility of eyeglasses. One day I’m school teacher chic, the next day I’m classy hippie. Every year or two, I get the itch to purchase new frames. It’s like read […]

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Tin Lizzy’s: One of My Fave Lunch Spots

One of my favorite spots for lunch is Tin Lizzy’s (The Midtown Atlanta location). Their service is always great. Friendly people. Great environment. And the drinks are amazingly strong. I would not suggest having two drinks on your lunch break. Don’t do it.

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