Tithing: When Your Money is Funny


dollar offering for tithing

I’ve always had money issues. I mean, unless you’re a celebrity, who ever has enough of it? Bills are always due. Living paycheck to paycheck has become the norm. Having a side hustle has become necessary to survive. But how much of our money issues do we put on ourselves?

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I haven’t blogged in a very long time. My life definitely changed during the last month or so.

After I let go of my situation (unemployment), I got hired at a law firm on March 29th. You can’t tell me God isn’t good all the time! It’s just crazy that when we try to take things into our own hands, our plans fail. But when we rely on Christ, nothing can stop us from succeeding.

I serve a great God! Although I’m unworthy, He sees fit to continually bless me.

Hopefully I will come back and blog later on this week.


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Laundry Day!


doing laundry

Don’t laugh but….this was my first time going to the laundry mat since I was about 14 years old…ten years ago. What an adventure! Who knew washing clothes en masse could be so much fun! And the smell of Downy drenched, hot and freshly folded sheets.

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Depression Recession

recession 2009

On August 28, 2009, I packed up my stuff from my corporate america job and said my final goodbyes. My manager cried because there was nothing she could do to keep me. My closest co-worker cried because she would really miss me. The other associates rallied up and gave me nice farewell gifts. Today, March 16, 2010, seven months later, I still do not have a job.

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Don’t Stop Till You Drop: Bucket List

bucket list
My gmail girls and I got to emailing about what we wanted to do before we die. Some of us dream a lot bigger and brighter than others (shout out to Nadine!) but we all agreed that there are a lot of things we would like to accomplish before we leave this Earth. Here’s my bucket list.
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HAITI: Bruised But Not Broken

haiti earthquake

On January 12, 2010, our world was forever changed by the devastating earthquake that left the people of Port-au-Prince Haiti in shambles. The hurt, pain and suffering that the world felt due to this horrible situation is being displayed through efforts to make a difference and help those in need.

A friend of mine is writing a story entitled “Earthquake in Haiti hits home with Haitian Americans” and asked me if I would answer a few questions for her. Being of Haitian heritage, it was the least I could do to share how this disaster has changed my life.

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Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I’m not sure what to say right now. This is my first time blogging and I’m not sure if I’m going to use this as a place to rant and rave about my life’s ups and downs or what, I don’t know. But anyway, welcome!!

A little about me: I’m….less than average. I know, many people say this about themselves all the time but really, I am! I’m weird. I’d like to call myself…simply complex. And maybe I make myself that way. You can be the judge of that later. Let’s see, I’m pretty selfish and stubborn when it comes to my life and how I like things done. I’ve been told I’m a little close-minded as well, with a splash of guardedness. I sound like a total mess. But are there any perfect people?!

In the last year or two, I’ve learned a lot about myself that I will share in future posts. Right now, I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to MAJOR change this year. I’ll keep you all posted.

A toast to great things to come.


new year

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In 2010

Yay! It’s New Year’s Eve and my very first post!
Well, first off, my name is Lucy and this blog is my year long project. I was inspired to do this after watching the movie Julie & Julia. One of the characters, Julie Powell, decides to cook 524 recipes in 365 days from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking book. After watching the movie, I realized how simple it really is to bring my dreams into actualization. I am challenging myself to take one picture a day for 365 days.
I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, hoping to pursue photojournalism but not putting any effort to get the work done outside of my school work. Seven months later, I’m still in the same position: direction-less. I know this is not the place that God wants me to be so I’m going to work on my destiny.
My desire is to create photos that are worthy of being examined beyond the obvious. In, 2010, I aspire to use my creativity to produce respectable work. I hope that you will see the way I see the world through my eyes.
SEE you next year.
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Architecture Project

One Tree Hill
In February, temperatures are usually glacial in Atlanta. This year, Mother Nature had another plan. The natural vegetation suffers at the expense of the balmy, humid and windy environment eroding the surrounding area at Kennesaw Mountain Park. As the storm clouds roll in, winter storms momentarily interrupt the mountainous landscape.
take a portrait
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Portrait Project

Up Her Alley
Graduating Senior, Ashley Ownes, adores fashion and plans to study fashion merchandising. On a warm sunny day on Kennesaw State Universities campus, she casually reads one of the many magazines that she frequently browses. Hopefully, she will find fashion ideas for her up and coming nuptials in September of this year.

take a portrait

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