Style: make it work!

Let’s have a chat, shall we?

I’m frequently at a loss for words when it comes to defining my personal style. I’m infatuated with everything! One day I will rock a minimalistic look, the next day I will go crazy with patterns. I love it all. And although I go back and forth with what I choose to wear, there is still a distinct look to my style. You see it and you know. It’s not something that needs explanation in order to comprehend. For grins and giggles, lets call my style…simply complex, lol. Or as I like to say, where Carrie Bradshaw meets Audrey Hepburn.

F21 top; American Rag jacket; Wet Seal jeans
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Women to watch

On Wednesday, I attended a women’s empowerment mixer at Free People. The event was coordinated and hosted by Diamonde Williamson, director at The Style Diamond and vlogger, Alicia James of Be Chic from A to Z.



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Style Spotlight: Kate Bosworth

kate bosworth dressed up

My first time seeing this lovely actress was in the movie Remember the Titans. She was stunning to me. High cheekbones, perfect skin and beautiful hazel AND blue eyes (due to heterochromia iridum). And a smize (smile with your eyes) to DIE for. I’m sure she’s a great actress but I’m really only here for her style. For lack of a better description, Kate Bosworth’s style is what I call a beautiful mess.

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Aztec aesthetics

Spring is upon us and I am ready to show some skin! I’m also ready to bring back an increasingly popular trend: the Aztec print. I really love the element of surprise when it comes to bold prints. There isn’t any structure to wearing the almost dizzying designs. You can wear them and pair them however you want. Whether you enjoy floral, polka dots, stripes, or animal, prints are a great way to jazz up your personal style. I mean, it’s like you’re wearing abstract art. And who doesn’t want to look like a work of art? 😉

Historically, the Aztec people were from central Mexico. Common themes for the artwork were different kinds of animals that had symbolic meaning. I imagine, the inspiration for prints today would be the varying patterns on the art and not an actual dog, lol.

Unless you’re on the runway, I wouldn’t suggest overdoing it with the prints. Focus on one or two things: a shirt, dress, shoes, or pants.


In my case, I chose to pair my printed leggings with similar printed flats.

Denim shirt: H&M; Leggings: F21; Flats: Macy’s


My friend Tamika and I headed to East Atlanta Village to take a few shots while the sun finally stopped playing hide n seek.

LucyAztec (20 of 37)

And a few candids. Sooo not a poser.

LucyAztec (22 of 37)     LucyAztec (24 of 37)     LucyAztec (30 of 37)     LucyAztec (6 of 37)

So. What prints do you rock? Will you try an Aztec print? Have you already worn it? If so, how?


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Something blue

Wendy Nguyen of Wendy's Lookbook Blog
Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook Blog

There’s just something special about the color blue. I’m reminded of rivers, lakes and streams. Just think of the brightness of the sky at noon or the abundant shades of the water at the beach. It really is an astonishing, peaceful color.

It has been said that blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. And dark blue (my favorite) represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

Whatever the case may be, I have recently taken to wearing this color frequently. Below are a few ways I’ve worn it and how you can successfully wear it as well.


1. On your nails – Mezmerised by Essie is like a deep cobalt blue color. Very, royal, bold and sexy.
2. Denim – Can’t go wrong with great dark wash jeans. Denim on denim is another hit.
3. Pants – Go bold or go home! Or, try color-blocking.
4. Necklace – 
photo (17)
5. Blouse –
photo (18)
5. Dress –
photo (16)
6. Scarf – photo cred to my friend Evan
20130122-_MG_3531-Edit-2 (1)
How do you wear your blue?
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Style Spotlight: Miroslava Duma

It was about a year ago when I became enamored with a petite, young, international beauty. From The Sartorialist to All the Pretty Birds, she has graced street style blogs time and time again. Former editor at Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Mirsoslava Duma, is known for captivating the public with her striking presence. She wears many hats. Currently, she is a freelance writer and founder of online style site Buro 24/7.

What I love about her style is that it is unpredictable. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Duma describes her style as experimental. She says, “Today I might be wearing Levi’s jean shorts with an H&M white t-shirt and leather motorcycle jacket, tomorrow I’ll be wearing a beautiful dress by Chanel then it might be some crazy neon colors or floral prints.” I love that about her.

She’s always bold and stunning, two things a petite woman should be.

What else am I loving?

1. She’s not afraid to rock a monochromatic ensemble:

MiroslavaDumaPar0 miroslava duma

miroslava duma MiroslavaDuma

2. She gives good leg – Mini’s:

miroslava duma miroslava duma

3. Girly or Androgynous, she still wows us:

miroslava-duma miroslava-duma

miroslava duma miroslava duma

4. Her breathtaking statement pieces:

Although it has become a very popular trend nowadays, I feel like I
 can’t go another day without a blingy burden on my neck.

miroslava duma miroslava duma

5. Quirky gear that works:

miroslava duma miroslava duma

6. For grins and giggles, because she is a lady after my own stomach:

In Russia we say there are people who live to eat or the ones who eat to live — I live to eat. Every morning I wake up thinking, ‘where am I going to have lunch today?’

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


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Beyonce in Emilio Pucci

I probably should write about how cute and poised Sasha and Malia were. Or how graceful and charming Michelle Obama always is. Or how Barack always bites his bottom lip and has a twinkle in his eye, just for me. But really, I just want to discuss the fabulousness that was Beyonce Giselle Knowles on Inauguration Day.

1. The entrance – Undoubtedly the best looking COUPLE (because Jay-Z alone, Lord help us…).

Beyonce JayZ Inauguration 2013 Emilio Pucci

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70th annual golden globe awards

Is it me or have the red carpet fashions become highly unimaginative and outdated? Spaghetti straps? Overly-used metallics? Stringent silhouettes? Outrageously poofy ball gowns? And why was everyones teeth so yellow *cough -Mel Gibson- cough*? Also, even the cameras can’t hide those crow’s-feet. Everyone is getting visibly older and plastic surgery is failing. God bless Hollywood.

I don’t really care to watch award shows but I am here for the red carpet fanfare. Seen also here.

I won’t waste my time posting pictures of the worst dressed *cough -Lucy Liu, Halle Barry and Sienna Miller- cough* because I don’t want to take away from all the pretty posted below.

#6 – Helen Mirren in Badgley Mischka – One of my favorite designers. I love the attention to detail in this black and gold form-fitting dress. Helen looks amazing and age appropriate.
#5 – Kerry Washington in Miu Miu – Everything she wears fits her perfectly. Not too constricted or revealing. Neutral heaven.
#4 – Lea Michele in Elie Saab – Not a huge fan of halters but she redeemed herself by flatteringly revealing her legs and arms. The pristine whiteness of this dress illuminates her glowing skin in all the right places.
#3 – Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad – Although I’m tired of seeing JLo in these form-fitting dresses, she is known for wearing a mean silhouette so I will give her credit here. I love a woman who can appreciate a sheer overlay.
#2 – Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen – Honey. This dress is tasteful with just a splash a sexy in the cleavage area. Can’t go wrong with a cinched waist, either.
#1 – Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci – My God. Representing for the petite women with style and grace. I am in LOVE with open back dresses. Although she’s revealing back, leg and boob, Eva nailed this classy look. Sheer and laced for the gods.

Next time, I’d love to post some men’s fashion but I’m always disappointed in what I see. Granted, it is a “black tie” affair but I wish they’d try something different. And maybe that’s why I can appreciate Kanye’s sense of style because he isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Hopefully, we will see a bit more from the men in future red carpet events.


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Looking for a photographer

On a freezing Spring day earlier this year, a friend of mine snapped some shots of me at Decatur Cemetery. At first I thought that would be a super uncomfortable location but it was probably the nicest cemetery I’ve ever visited. They had a jogging trail and a pond. Such beautiful scenery. Despite the frigid temperature, I fixed my face long enough to finish the shoot. It was so fun! Thanks, Viergie!

After seeing the pictures though, I’ve come to the realization that I need a photographer. I refuse to buy a fancy camera. I’ve been making do with my iPhone but since I’ve decided to be a Life & Style blogger (will discuss that in a later post), it only makes sense that I have professional looking photographs. Again, I refuse to purchase an expensive camera (read: I’m too lazy to take them myself). I don’t care to lug around a tripod, either. The next best thing is to pay someone (in food and gas for now) to take them for me. SO. If that person is you (or a friend of yours), please email me a link to your work at missdazilma(at)gmail(dot)com. I promise to be fun!

To check out more pictures, head over to my Facebook fan page. I promise they are cute! Go ahead and like the page while you’re at it. 🙂

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The embarrassment

We all know what happens when we drink a little bit too much wine. True words are spoken. We’re free to be the expressive persons we wouldn’t naturally be without the aid of libations. I remember the days of my early 20s very well. I’d never want to relive them. At least I didn’t think I did. Until last night.

I attended the “Love is Art” iphone App Launch Party at the Bill Hallman store at Atlantic Station. My friend Nykita, Dominique and I were enjoying ourselves, shopping and sipping wine, taking in the ambiance. From the beginning, I noticed a very handsome man. I told Nykita that there is an exceptionally attractive man in here. By the end of the night, I told her that I needed to talk to him.

Of course that was liquid courage talking. I mean, I was feeling good. Confidence on 8.5. So when this beautiful man was all alone and within reach for a split second, I went for it. I introduced myself and told him that I found him very attractive. I mentioned that I had no idea who he was. He laughed and said, “I like the compliment better”. I can’t remember if I told him he was the most attractive man in the room. If I didn’t, I should have.

He smiles. I don’t remember ever asking his name. Maybe he told me and I immediately forgot. I didn’t expect to ever see him again. And Lord knows I’m horrible with names. So we’re talking and he tells me I have a pretty name. Blah blah. He asks what I do for a living and I told him. Of course I mentioned that I don’t work too far and that I frequent Atlantic Station very often.  But, that it was my first time in Bill Hallman. Oversharing.

I asked him what he did and he said he worked there. I figured that much. I saw him exit from the storage room. Yes, I kept tabs on him most of the night. I didn’t want him to leave!

Anyway, I faintly remember him offering me his number. This is left to be determined. YOU DECIDE. I’m pretty sure it was said. Even if it would have been the job number.

Someone approached us and began speaking with Mr. Handsome. Mr. Handsome introduced him as Will. Will introduced himself to my friend and so did Mr. Handsome. That’s the first time I remember hearing Mr. Handsome’s name. Will made a joke because Mr. Handsome’s name rhymed with Will. Things still weren’t clicking upstairs for me.

When I got home, I googled Bill Hallman. Surely, I needed to know a little bit more about the store before I could write a blog post about the event. As soon as I googled the name, Mr. Handsome’s picture showed up. Hey, that’s Bill! Mr. Handsome’s name is Bill…..Wait….THE Bill Hallman….? Yes, THE Bill Hallman.

Let me tell you something……………..I FELT SO DUMB.

Here I am, telling THE Bill Hallman that I have NO idea who he is but that he’s extremely handsome. FOOLISH GIRL.

Anyway….the party was loads of fun. Whenever you get a chance to gallivant around Atlantic Station, make sure you stop by Bill Hallman.

And definitely check out the Love is Art Kit by Jeremy Brown. An amazing concept I would love to support, once I take on a lover for life.

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