Embrace Style and Boost Your Confidence with Target Swim

Guess what time it isssssss??? Swimsuit time! Super early, I know. But I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Target to show off their amazing 2016 swimsuit collection and promoting the #NOFOMO campaign. What does #NOFOMO stand for? No fear of missing out. I know you’ve experienced periods of anxiety because you were unable to participate in what everyone else was at the moment. Target wants to make sure that you won’t feel that way when it comes to this swimwear campaign. Target is on a mission to help you, and your girlfriends, find the right fit and embrace your style and beauty with confidence.

Target Style NOFOMO

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Frédérique Tietcheu

7 Female Style Bloggers You Should Know

As a blogger, I take in a lot of content from fellow style bloggers. Most of that content is too good to keep to myself. I wrote about a few of my favorite fashion bloggers a few years ago and since then, I’ve added/replaced some of them. To me, these personal style bloggers do a […]

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Fanm Djanm by Paola Marthe

Fanm Djanm Headwraps by Paola Marthe

As you may know, if you’ve been following my blog for a while and my other social platforms, I’m a proud Haitian-American. Seeing fellow Haitians display their pride online always makes me extremely happy. Enter Paola Mathe, blogger at Finding Paola and creator of Fanm Djanm headwraps.

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rocksbox subscription

Accessorize Your Look with Rocksbox Jewelry

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t really wear jewelry that much. And when I do, I choose very simple pieces. So when the lovely people at Rocksbox emailed me about a free three-month subscription, I was a little hesitant. Until I went to their website…

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Fall into Autumn with Style

Autumn, or Fall as it’s also called, is my favorite season. If you follow me on Tumblr or Pinterest, I think you already have a feel of my style and what I like. Autumn is when my personal style shines the most. I wish I could say I’m going to take more risks but I’m not. […]

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Sock It To Me

So excited to feature a guest post by friend and fellow blogger, Danielle of Olive Juice & S’Mores blog. I reached out to her about collaborating because she has such a fun style, reflective of her personality. I saw a few of her Winter posts on Instagram and just knew a cool covering of her […]

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Sweatshirt Chic

I’ve recently been obsessing over sweatshirts and how to jazz them up. Every time I wear one, I end up looking like a 14-year-old pubescent kid. Not cool. But comfort is ME. I’ve declared my style: comfort chic / understated snatched. Just give the people a little bit. Simple elegance. At least that’s what I […]

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Flavors and Colors of Haiti

Yesterday, I attended a grande gala hosted by the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta celebrating the arts, fashion and culture of Haiti. Held at the Westside Cultural Arts Center in Atlanta, we danced to the music, we dined on the traditional cuisine and most of all, we showed our support. First of all, thank you […]

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Wardrobe Rush with Tai Beauchamp

Last Wednesday, I got to chat with an incredible young woman: the fashionista slash philanthropist, Tai Beauchamp. She wears many hats but on that night, she was InStyle magazine’s Style Ambassador at the Macy’s Wardrobe Rush event. We gathered to hear Ms. Beauchamp give us styling tips and answer personal questions as well. I really […]

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