Never too busy: day twenty-one

  • Day Twenty-One: Do something daring.

It’s Friday and I took the day off. ISN’T THAT DARING ENOUGH?! Ha. Just kidding. Hmmm….maybe I’ll try something different to eat tonight at dinner. No, that’s boring. Maybe…ugh, I have no idea. Ideas?

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Never too busy: day twenty

  • Day Twenty: Meditate.

With all that is going on in the world right now, the last thing on your mind (probably) is meditating. It’s so hard to be still and quiet our minds when we’re being busy bodies. I’ve tried mediation but I found myself with what Elizabeth Gilbert quotes (In Eat Pray Love) as “the monkey-mind”.

“Like most humanoids, I am burdened with what the Buddhists call the “monkey mind” – the thoughts that swing from limb to limb, stopping only to scratch themselves, spit and howl. From the distant past to the unknowable future, my mind swings wildly through time, touching on dozens of ideas a minute, unharnessed and undisciplined. This in itself is not necessarily a problem; the problem is the emotional attachment that goes along with the thinking. Happy thoughts make me happy, but – whoop! – how quickly I swing again into obsessive worry, blowing the mood; and then it’s the remembrance of an angry moment and I start to get hot and pissed off all over again; and then my mind decides it might be a good time to start feeling sorry for itself, and loneliness follows promptly. You are, after all, what you think. Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”

So by the time all of that happens, are you really concerned about meditating? NOPE. So then instead of making meditation accidental, we have to choose our thoughts, as Elizabeth Gilbert describes here in a foreword.

“If you sit down with the pure intention to meditate, whatever happens next is none of your business.” Eat Pray Love

You have to find your own technique into meditation. But I sure do love Wiki-How. They make everything sound simple.

And just because….I came across this blog post about a meditation flash mob. So cool!

Anyway, good luck.

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Never too busy: day nineteen

  • Day Nineteen: Play a board game.

Oh the weather outside is frightful….and perfect for staying indoors. So gather your friends/family and play your favorite board/card games. Although I’m not the best player, I love playing Scrabble. I’m a self-proclaimed undefeated champion of Uno though. What are your favorite games? And do people still play the childhood games like Life and Candyland? Ah, when things were simple…

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Never too busy: day eighteen

  • Day Eighteen: Sell some old stuff and/or de-clutter.

How do you keep your closet from looking like a tornado flew through it? Do you switch out clothes for each change of the season? Do you give away items to your local Goodwill? Participating in Kendi’s 30 for 30 clothing challenge helped me realize that we don’t need a closet full of clothes. And honestly, we hoard lots of things. I challenge you to go through your closet and go through all the clothes that you positively won’t wear again. That dress that doesn’t fit. Those jeans that give you a muffin top. That jersey *side eye* TOSS.

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Never too busy: day seventeen

  • Day Seventeen: Go out for ice cream.

Yesterday after Aids Walk, my friend Bessie and I went for Italian Ice to cool us down. Yum! But my favorite ice cream is from Coldstone. Maybe I’ll skip lunch and go straight to dessert.

Actually, I did.

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Never too busy: day sixteen

  • Day Sixteen: Do a community service activity.
Today is Aids Walk in Atlanta Day! If you can, come out and walk (or run). The event will take place at Piedmont Park. Check-in is at 11:30am. They will be having a warm up on the lawn. The run begins at 1pm and the walk at 2pm. We take a scenic walk throughout the neighborhood so don’t be intimidated by the 5K. It goes by quickly.
I don’t know anyone personally with HIV or AIDS but since participating twelve years ago with my ninth grade class, I’ve felt that it was something worth my continued support. Hope to see you there! Tweet me.
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Never too busy: day fifteen

  • Day Fifteen: No social media (No twitter, no facebook).

That’s right, do the seemingly impossible. I already broke that rule this morning but I’m back on track.

Not much to do today. I have a few errands to run and some people watching to do. It’s a beautiful day outside and you should enjoy it too. I totally didn’t mean to rhyme on purpose. Ta-ta!

Stir It Up Restaurant in L5P. Currently on Scoutmob. SO GOOD.










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Never too busy: day fourteen

  • Day Fourteen: Create a vision board.

Last December, I participated in my third challenge, Reset Your Life, by Rosetta Thurman of Happy Black Woman blog. On day 12 of this challenge, we were asked to create vision boards. I’ve never done this before so I was very excited. I used one of Ms. Thurman’s suggestions and downloaded my template from Oprah’s website. If you don’t have time to go all out with your board, this is a good way to create an online vision board. Try it!

Dec 2010 vision board

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Never too busy: day thirteen

  • Day Thirteen: Get me bodied! Dance to your favorite song. 

It should be no guessing who Im gonna be dancing to! But my song of choice is “Who Runs The World”. 😉

You can’t tell me this chereography isn’t DOPE!!!

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Never too busy: day twelve

  • Day Twelve: Introduce yourself to someone new. Start a conversation with them.

Do this the way you know how. I’m not saying go all out of your comfort zone or make yourself awkward. While you’re in line at the grocery store, on the elevator at work, sitting in class waiting for it to begin or browsing through your Twitter timeline of people you follow but don’t actually speak to…say something. Anything.

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