Never too busy: day thirty-one

  • Day Thirty-One: Create a list of 31 things you’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for…

  1. All of my senses
  2. Being able to wake up every morning
  3. A job to pay my bills
  4. Two parents and two siblings
  5. Extended family that are always there
  6. Good people who still do good things
  7. A positive outlook on life, come what may
  8. FOOD and the joy it brings
  9. Children and their innocence
  10. Hot water when I take a shower
  11. My limbs
  12. Technology that allows me to communicate with others
  13. Close friends who understand and care
  14. Strangers that teach you something
  15. A warm embrace
  16. A listening ear
  17. Tears and laughter
  18. Alcohol
  19. Pork bacon
  20. Passion to pursue my goals and live my purpose
  21. An endless desire to learn and grow
  22. Knowledge to know when to let go
  23. Being connected with some amazing people through social networking
  24. Memories
  25. Ignorance and naïveté. Without them, we’d all think we knew it all
  26. An insatiable desire to know God
  27. Knowing who I am
  28. Being a light and inspiration to others (humbling)
  29. The brutal truth
  30. Intimate moments
  31. Love

Oh and happy Halloween. Be safe out there. And thanks for participating in the challenge! 🙂

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Never too busy: day thirty

  • Day Thirty: Have a conversation with someone of another race/gender/culture/religion/political view etc, and be open to their perspective.

It’s so easy to judge someone else when you’re ignorant to their beliefs. Dispel myths about people by learning about their culture and their beliefs.

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Never too busy: day twenty-eight

  • Day Twenty-Eight: Learn a few new words in a language other than your native tongue.

This should be really fun for you! Pretend as if you’re going to a foreign country. Act as if you’re about to travel alone. USE AN ACCENT! Lol! I would do French but that’s too close to home. And Spanish is too common. I think I will do German (since I love Boris Kodjoe). And google translator is your best friend. Auf Wiedersehen!

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Never too busy: day twenty-seven

  • Day Twenty-Seven: Create a budget for the weekend.

It’s Friday night and you’re feeling good. You want to hang out with your friends since it’s payday. Fast forward to Sunday and you’re left wondering what happened to your paycheck. Now more than ever, we have to think smarter before we spend recklessly. So before you head out this weekend, create a budget noting how much you’re allowed to spend. Set a limit and don’t go past it. If it helps, carry cash (banks are tripping right now anyway). Good luck!


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Never too busy: day twenty-six

  • Day Twenty-Six: Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

With the new Iphone 4S and Siri, texting, BBM and instant messaging, it seems that we’ve lost touched with the easiest form of communication. Or at least seemingly easiest form. Take a few minutes out of your day today and call an old friend. Ask them how they’re doing and catch up on life. I’m sure it’ll probably feel foreign to you but we can’t let technology build a bridge between human interaction. Hopefully it won’t feel too weird. And hopefully this can grow into a monthly thing.

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Never too busy: day twenty-five

  • Day Twenty-Five: Ask someone out on a date.

This is more for you guys than for me, lol. But don’t pressure yourselves into thinking you have to ask someone of the opposite sex. If you want to, fine. If not, ask one of your friends. I go out on dates with my girls all the time. No homo. When I think of a date, I think of good times with someone I like. Whether it be with someone I’m attracted to or someone whose company I enjoy. Take it whichever way you want. Date your significant other and make it cute. Date your friend and make it fun. Date your child and make it sweet. I had two dates with my homegirls over the weekend. Still high off of that 😀


I asked my friend Mishael out on a lunch date. She responded, “ABSOLUTELY!”. Lol. Gotta love her. Lunch at Little Azio’s. Yum.

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Never too busy: day twenty-four

  • Day Twenty-four: Listen to music you wouldn’t normally listen to.

I know we all have our favorite genres of music but step a little out of your comfort zone and listen to something unfamiliar to you. I’m a huge fan of music so I listen to just about anything with a great beat. The only genre I can say that’s probably my least favorite is heavy metal. I have some googling to do.

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Never too busy: day twenty-two

  • Day Twenty-two: Take a bath.

TODAY IS SARA BAREILLES’ CONCERT!!!!! I’m so freaking stoked. I have so much to do before tonight but I can’t force myself to get out of bed. But at the very end of this most likely tiring day, I’m taking a bath!! When was the last time you did that? Enjoy. Happy Saturday.

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