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Amuse Me

I spend a lot of time in my car. Just the other day, I rubbed that baby’s steering wheel and said, “you know what Unknown, you really are my best friend.” Yes, my car’s name is Unknown. But like I was saying, I spend a lot of time driving. And I sing A LOT in […]

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Lunch Break | Lucy's Pearls

Lunch Break

During my lunch break, I forced my coworkers to be my photographers. A blogger’s gotta do what a blogger’s gotta do. I really tried it with this shirt at work. But the weather was nice out. Why not?

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Ford Fiesta Movement #Adventure | Lucy's Pearls

Ford Fiesta Movement #Adventure

When the word adventure comes to mind, I think of accelerated heartbeats and nights that I won’t remember. I can honestly say I’ve done a lot of brazen things in my short lifetime. Lets take my trip to Belize in college, for instance, where I was faced with just about every one of my fears. Jumping […]

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28 random acts of kindness

Starting tomorrow, I will do one good deed a day for the next 28 days until my birthday. 28 good deeds – 28 days – 28th birthday Coming up with a list of things to do was a bit tough but here is what I have so far:

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Meditation challenge with deepak & oprah

There are times when I my uncontrollable thoughts cause me to become anxious. I mentally create scenarios that make me stressed out for no reason. Last week, I decided that I’d give meditation another try. It hasn’t worked for me in the past because I can’t seem to settle the rambling thoughts in my mind. […]

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Green smoothie challenge

It’s not secret that I love food. But breakfast isn’t something that I’m good at remembering to eat. I’m not much of a morning person so if I eat anything, it would be a packaged snack. The new recent craze has been smoothies. Never really cared for them until I learned that they don’t have […]

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Weekend at a glance: a new experience #43

I’ve noticed that my blog has become more pictures than words. Funny enough, I have about 28 posts pending. But…I’m lazy and I think they may be irrelevant at this point. A reader told me she missed my “wordy” posts. Wait, did I write this already? I can’t remember. Have you noticed a change in […]

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