How to Create a Natural Glam Makeup Look

Those of you who know, know that I live for a natural face beat. You know, a nice nude with a pop of lip color. Maybe a little eyeliner to jazz it up. But not by much. Since it is the month we celebrate love, I wanted to create a look for Valentine’s Day that was natural, yet glamorous at the same time. To achieve this look, I enlisted the help of my trusted friend/sister, Naomie of Blushed By Naomie.

natural glam makeup tutorial

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5 Rave Lipsticks She Will Actually Love

It’s my absolute FAVORITE time of the year again. Woven sweaters, crisp weather, and most importantly, bold lips. I’m not much of a full-faced gal but I’ve gotta have an attention-grabbing lipstick to make my face complete. See what lipsticks are all the rave below!

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head & shoulders moisture care collection

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection

This post is sponsored by P&G. Compensation was provided by P&G via Mode Media. Wash Day: one of my least favorite days of all time. Something about the process of cleansing the hair and scalp, that isn’t what I’d call a jolly good time. I do it because the results, those thick, soft and bouncy […]

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manuka honey face mask

Manuka Honey is KING

So brief disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or an herbalist. I am someone who tries to find the simplest ways to get maximum results, naturally. I’ve been very vocal on this here blog about my skin. That time I called myself not so pretty and healed my face in a week was really the […]

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How to Wear a High Puff on Natural Hair

Lately, I’ve been clinging to the same articles of clothing. As the weather gets more brutal, I care less about being “cute” and more about being comfortable and even more basic.  I’m completely and positively obsessed with all things black, white and tan. I’ve always adored color but now I’m leaning more towards making it an […]

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In My Makeup Bag | Lucy's Pearls

In My Makeup Bag

Many people tell me that I have really nice skin. I truly appreciate that but it wasn’t always easy. I didn’t have problem skin until college. When it got bad, I got meds from the derm that not only cleared my skin but made it amazingly dewy to the touch. When I felt like my […]

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[EVENT] Levo Your Look | Lucy's Pearls

[EVENT] Levo Your Look

I spent my evening at Bevello with for a Levo League event, shopping and chatting it up about style and fashion. Hosted by stylist and blogger, Erin Whitlock Brown from Brains of the Outfit blog, the evening was primarily focused on polishing your professional style. Special thanks to Dry Bar, NARS Cosmetics, The Posh Spot and Photo […]

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Mohawkin It | Lucy's Pearls

Mohawkin It

I tried to be edgy and hip and get a real mohawk. I guess I’m back natural again. This style has grown on me. Shout out to my stylist, Danie Wilks aka @I_Am_Danie on Twitter. She always has specials so check her out. Tell her I sent you! Spoiled Opulence Salon 948 Marietta St. Atlanta, […]

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How to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness | Lucy's Pearls

How to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness

Interesting day yesterday. A commenter on yesterday’s post told me that under my eyes look like a 50 year old’s. Well I’m only 25 so that’s has got to change. I actually don’t think I have bags under my eyes yet but after googling the subject (Google should be everyone’s best friend), WEBMD says that it is […]

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