How to Create a Natural Glam Makeup Look

Those of you who know, know that I live for a natural face beat. You know, a nice nude with a pop of lip color. Maybe a little eyeliner to jazz it up. But not by much. Since it is the month we celebrate love, I wanted to create a look for Valentine’s Day that was natural, yet glamorous at the same time. To achieve this look, I enlisted the help of my trusted friend/sister, Naomie of Blushed By Naomie.

natural glam makeup tutorial

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5 Rave Lipsticks She Will Actually Love

rave lipsticks

It’s my absolute FAVORITE time of the year again. Woven sweaters, crisp weather, and most importantly, bold lips. I’m not much of a full-faced gal but I’ve gotta have an attention-grabbing lipstick to make my face complete. See what lipsticks are all the rave below!

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Manuka Honey is KING

So brief disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or an herbalist. I am someone who tries to find the simplest ways to get maximum results, naturally. I’ve been very vocal on this here blog about my skin. That time I called myself not so pretty and healed my face in a week was really the beginning of my slight obsession with natural products. Now I won’t say I get all Martha Stewart in the kitchen and make everything myself. I don’t have time or patience for that. But I do try to find products that have the least amount of chemicals. And thus began my slight obsession with manuka honey.

manuka honey face mask

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New Hair Color from Salon Saison Atlanta

I colored my hair a few weeks ago and I never really shared that journey with you all. Shame on me. My girl Tammi Dotson (at Salon Saison) has been straightening my hair all year. She does a fab job, I might add. Now we all know a trip to the salon is an all day thing, right ladies? I actually took the day off to get hair my color, lol. That big of a deal.

zara blouse and HM green pants

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How to Wear a High Puff on Natural Hair

Lately, I’ve been clinging to the same articles of clothing. As the weather gets more brutal, I care less about being “cute” and more about being comfortable and even more basic.  I’m completely and positively obsessed with all things black, white and tan. I’ve always adored color but now I’m leaning more towards making it an accessory and not the main sha-bang, ya know?

How to wear a high puff on natural hair

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In My Makeup Bag

Many people tell me that I have really nice skin. I truly appreciate that but it wasn’t always easy. I didn’t have problem skin until college. When it got bad, I got meds from the derm that not only cleared my skin but made it amazingly dewy to the touch. When I felt like my skin was clear enough, I stopped using the meds.

They always say, don’t fix what ain’t broke…or something like that. One day, I decided to see if my meds would still work although I didn’t need it. WELP. I totally jacked up my face. But in one week’s time, I cleared it up again, this time using all natural products.

So anyway, ever since then, I’ve pretty much had clear skin. I’m not really big on makeup so I like to keep my face simple. Over the years, I’ve tried several products and I eventually settled on what works best for my face.

Gone are the days that I just wear a tinted moisturizer to work. Trying to be a grown up now, lol. Granted, I still love my MakeUp Forever foundation, I just refuse to buy a new bottle. I’ve had the same one for THREE years.

My makeup bag looks a little different now. I don’t have the energy to do a tutorial but I will tell you (in order) what I use to achieve my everyday face.

in my makeup bag

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And the MAC winner is…

Congrats to my first giveaway winner Maygan! Check your mailbox honey!

Below is my red lip with Ruby Woo and MAC Red. And my how to video. Enjoy!

finished look

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My first giveaway: MAC

As you may know, I really love lipstick. Recently, I fell in love with red lipstick and I just had to share with you all my favorites in this blog post. Since beauty blogger @ThisThatBeauty put me on to red lipstick, I’ve been wearing it everywhere. No seriously, there’s never a reason NOT to wear it. To a party, to the grocery store, to take out the trash (I kid).

One of my good friends texted me asking about red lipstick and I thought, well why don’t I have a giveaway of my favorite lip stain?! I’m so excited to share with you those TWO lipstick’s (Ruby Woo and MAC Red) from MAC!


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If you haven’t done so already, sign up for Miss Lucy’s Blogs email subscription (not required but I’d love it   if you did!).

The giveaway starts at 4:30 pm on Friday, December 10, 2010. Winner will be notified on December 17, 2010. Open to U.S. mailing addresses only! The winner will be chosen randomly via  and contacted via email.

Good luuuuck!

P.S. Yes, that is SNOW on my page. Be jealous. ;O
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