Beauty in the face of destruction

I decided that I wanted to be a photographer in high school. I loved working with film, spending countless hours developing images in the dark room, playing with lighting and just being a general observer of people. When I was in college, I got the lofty idea that I could be the next Gordon Parks. I just knew that I’d become an amazing photojournalist one day. Until I realized that that really wasn’t my dream, lol. My love of photography still remains but I’d much rather appreciate the art as an observer.

I’ve been a fan of Ross Oscar Knight’s work for many many years. Any chance I can get to show my support of his endeavors, I will. In 2010, he attended his first trip to Haiti. I was so very impressed by the images at his opening exhibition then. This time, I was able to hear the story behind his first (and recent trip) to Haiti.

Touching is the only word that can describe the stories that I heard last night. From waking up each morning to welcome a new day to several near death encounters, I was in awe. There were times where he would pause, briefly recalling that particular moment. I’m so glad I got to vicariously live through his experience.

Check out a preview of the first issue of Knight’s fine art magazine, featuring all unseen images from his trip to Haiti.


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