Allison Rhee of Flower Crown Society

I first fell in love with flower crowns a year ago when I came across them on Instagram. Nowadays, they are all the rave. But there was a particular type of crown that I was completely enamored with and I needed to know who made them. Little did I know, the creator lived right here in Atlanta.

I reached out to her via her Etsy page asking to virtually interview her. I hoped one day in the future, we’d be able to meet up for tea, if I was lucky. Last weekend, in an effort to occupy my time, I stopped by the Root City Market Pop Up Shops. By pure chance, the creator of those lovely flower crowns happened to a vendor. I was STOKED. What an amazing stroke of luck to run into her in person.

I’m so excited to bring to you my latest artist feature, Allison Rhee of Flower Crown Society.


Allison Rhee – Atlanta, GA

What is your occupation?

I have several part-time jobs, but I work for a motion graphics start-up company, Free People, I style weddings and events and I also run Flower Crown Society.

What is your creative/artistic focus?

I love to work with any form of flowers (paper, silk, fresh).

Floral Crown Society-18

What was the inspiration behind flower crowns?

I used to style lookbooks at my last job and I created a flower crown as a prop for a Spring issue. After receiving a lot of support and encouragement from people who saw the flower crown, I decided there was an opening in the market for my products.

What/who influences your work?

Flowers are definitely the main inspiration behind my crown designs. But I’m also easily inspired by my travels, friends/family, and God’s endless creations.

What time of day are you most inspired to create?

I am definitely a night owl, so I am most productive around 9pm – midnight!

What is the end goal for your work?

I believe every brand, company, or organization has a purpose/mission in mind. Mine is to help other women look and feel beautiful.


What does art mean to you?

Art means so many different things to me. It’s a form of individual expression, it’s creativity, it’s an outlet, it’s originality.

Fun things you do on your spare time. 

I love to go on adventures, such as traveling and exploring new local spots.

Name on interesting fact about you that others do not know.

I’ve lived on 4 continents within 4 years.

Photos taken by Sooji Kimn (

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  • StushiGal Style

    I LOVE THESE FLOWER CROWNS! They are so pretty!

    • Lucy Dazilma

      She’s pretty amazing

  • Krystal K.

    But can I have the big white crown for my bachelorette party? (*runs to website*)

    • Lucy Dazilma

      Do it! Allison is amazing.

    • Lucy Dazilma

      yesss. order away!


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