All white affair: bridal shower #27

My friend Nadine got married over the weekend and what an event it was. On Sunday, we hosted the bridal shower with her friends and family as guests. After seeing everyone in all white, I can somewhat see why Lisa Raye is obsessed with the color. It’s beautiful, ethereal and pure. But…I don’t know if I love it enough to wear it all the time like she does.

Wet Seal jeans & top, Nine West pumps

My lovely friends

and my fab siblings
oh, and my lola bunny
I guess I should’ve taken pictures of the couple, hunh?


  1. Evena Seneque Reply

    white is a color i wear often it just goes with everything i love it

  2. Not one to wear white but i want a white pants suit once i loose weight i will get it (unfortunately white make you look way bigger)…oh and i cannot believe how big your sister has gotten man it has been wayy too long tell her and your family i said hello…I also love the look.

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