All Red Everythang

This post is inspired by my cousin who inquired about my red lipstick. I really started wearing red this year after a good convincing from make up expert and one of my favorite tweeps, Felicia Benson aka @ThisThatBeauty on Twitter. Click here to read her article that changed my red lipstick phobias.

My best advice when it comes to red lipstick:

  1. Don’t be afraid!!! So many women of color think red will make them 1) look like a harlot 2) look like a clown or 3) don’t think they can pull the look off.  I was told, if you have the confidence, you can rock anything. Don’t be afraid to go bold.
  2. Try every color. I personally love MAC lipsticks (I have about 8 or 9, don’t judge me). So one day I went to the store and tried EVERY shade of red. There are so many different shades with different hues to match your specific undertone (warm or cool).
  3. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Don’t give up. I’m telling you, any woman can wear red and look FIERCE. Go slow. Start by trying glosses in a red shade then slowly move up to a lipstick.

How to Apply Red Lipstick:

  1. When it comes to a bold color such as red, you want to make sure that you’re precise with the application. This is not a color to be sloppy with. It is like art. Start off with a clean canvas. Wipe your lips clean and free of flakiness. You can do this by taking a toothbrush, running it under hot water and brushing your lips.
  2. Next, outline your lips with a lipliner (you don’t have to but I like the definition). Press your lips together to blend the liner with your lips.
  3. Apply lipstick smoothly and around your lips and blot.

The colors that I’ve found that work best for me are Ruby Woo (a bluish-red hue, matte in texture color), and topped off with MAC Red (a bluish-red satin color). I didn’t like the matteness of Ruby Woo which is why I apply it first and then put MAC Red on top. I also line my lip with their Chestnut pencil. Both lipsticks are $14.50 and the pencil is $13. Trust me, you’ll have them for a very long time.

Here are my different looks:

What are you favorite red lipstick tips and looks?

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