fd47f9c8af92748db3f5e8fd0a6dea5b lol….grumpy cat strikes again

Just some things I would like but probably won’t get for a while. Well, except for the avocados.

  1. A Kindle Fire HD Tablet
  2. Audrey Hepburn wall art
  3. Avocados
  4. Another tattoo
  5. A kiss on my lipssss
  6. This t-shirt
  7. A polaroid camera
  8. A gift certificate to the JeJu spa
  9. A portable hard drive
  10. Miguel singing ‘Adorn’ to me at my bday dinner
  11. A Nikon 1 camera
  12. A boyfriend
  13. A gold fish
  14. Ten pounds
  15. Beauty and the beast dvd (since someone lost mine :()
  16. Tickets to see John Mayer this Fall
  17. A pearl + Audrey iPhone case 
  18. This bracelet
  19. Beyonce tour tickets
  20. New makeup
  21. A Buddha bracelet, charm, ring, anything
  22. To hold his hand for TWO seconds
  23. A handwritten note
  24. A camicake
  25. Money
  26. FOOD
  27. My best friend from Nigeria!!!
  28. A message from you 🙂

miss lucy