blogger holiday guide

Okay, I’ll just come out and say it: I hate Christmas. Maybe when I was a kid, it was all cute and enjoyable. We didn’t really celebrate the holiday but the streets felt so alive and everyone was filled with Christmas cheer. There was plenty of hot cocoa and endless holiday movies to watch. But now as an adult, it’s just another day off. BUT, I do like gifts. Thoughtful ones. If you have a blogger or budding blogger in your life and you’re contemplating what to get them, check out my 2014 blogger holiday guide.

All I Want For Christmas: Blogger Holiday Guide

Okay, I’ll also admit that this list comes with me in mind. LOL. But I promise you, these are the necessities every blogger needs. So whether you’re shopping for me (ha!) or a budding blogger, these gifts will make their job so much easier.

1. Planner // Sugar Paper for Target $6 – $15
2. Macbook Air// Apple $1200
3. Business Cards // MOO $20
4. Canon EOS Rebel T3i // Amazon $549
5. Gold Mophie// Mophie $100
6. ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income// Amazon $16

Now these are just a few tangible things. Below are a list of valuable resources that help bloggers like me run our business.

Blog courses: From enhancing skills in photography to learning how to optimize your site, taking a course is an investment. Learning something new can be the difference in earning pennies to thousands annually.

Blog hosting: If you don’t do anything else for your burgeoning blogger friend, make sure they have their own domain name and hosting. There is a laundry list of limitations to using and improving your site when you’re only utilizing the basic tools.

Blog conference: Meeting up with other bloggers builds community. Attending blog conferences fosters inspiration. It something every blogger should experience if only once.

Blog design: The look of your blog is the first thing that people notice when they visit your site. If your layout, fonts and colors do not visually agree, it can be a real eye sore. Just as quickly as they came, they will click out of your page. You don’t want that. Hiring a professional or purchasing a design on Etsy (what I did) is the way to go.

Remember, although some bloggers get paid to give you all the content that you love, some do this solely for the joy of it. Why not help them out as well?