Lets face it: if a man must live with a woman, he’s going to want a space to call his own. A place of escape from the nagging and demands of doing humdrum tasks. He would escape to the infamous man cave. On the radio this morning, they were discussing how men desire this space to do manly things. Just as men crave having a space of their own away from their spouses, so do women.

create your own

If my lover gets a man cave, then I’m definitely getting one. It’s only fair. I crave alone time to do the things I enjoy uninterrupted, too.

If I had a woman cave, it would have lots of comfortable pillows, natural lighting, lots of white or bold colors. I want the feeling that I’m at a tranquil vacation home. Something like this.


Or this.


Orrr, this.


Your woman cave can be anything! A garden, a sun room, a library room, an office, a craft room, etc. Your little oasis of peace.

If you could have one, how would you design your woman cave?

miss lucy