I got the opportunity to sit in on a photo shoot with Kandi Burruss over the weekend. This was pretty exciting for me. I even tried to come up with a plan to ask her a few questions about her clothing store in Atlanta but I didn’t push it, lol. Of all the Atlanta “housewives”, Kandi is the most successful to me.

I don’t know much about Kandi but I do have a few things that I admire about her when it comes to success.¬†Even before the show, she wore many hats. She is a singer-songwriter, producer, business owner and TV personality. I respect anyone that has a relentless drive and work ethic.


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I’ve never been one to ruthlessly go after what I really wanted. Fear and doubt have always crippled me from trying. I do realize that not asking and not doing will keep me in the same stagnant situation. Taking risks has never been my strong suit. There’s something weird to me about approaching a random person about an opportunity. I suppose that’s how you get ahead but it’s a lesson that I’m still learning.

I was having a conversation with my friend Ben that eventually became a discussion about my blog. I know I say this a lot but I am still genuinely surprised when people tell me they read it. Seriously! Anyway. A lot of what he said to me was about doing the work and taking the risks. Basically, things that make me nervous.

“Can’t get a huge win from a small bet.” Ben Styles

What I see with Kandi is that she isn’t afraid to try something. I mean, she has a sex toy line AND a gospel song out at the same time. If that isn’t risky, I don’t know what is. A successful person can’t be afraid to think and act big. And if what you’ve tried doesn’t work, then you have the tools and experience to make positive changes the next go around.

I think we all have the tools in order to be winners. Remind yourself why you want what you want and adamantly pursue it as if your life depended on it.