9 Reasons Why I Possibly Wish I Had a Boyfriend

reasons i wish i had a boyfriend

And yes, I said possibly.

I’ve been boyfriend-less (not to be confused with lover-less or relation-less) for….*dramatic drum roll and dainty taps on the cymbals*…….five years. I know I know, what is an amazingly drop dead gorgeous diva like myself doing single? Chile…I ask myself that same question all of the time. LOL. I’m kidding. Really I am.

Seven months of celibacy (CAN I GET AN AMEN???????) will make you think about crazy things like boyfriends, cotton candy, panda bears and other things that don’t matter. Sometimes, I do possibly wish I had a boyfriend. Yup. I’ll tell you why.

9 Reasons Why I Possibly Wish I Had a Boyfriend

  • Sometimes I have a real difficult time getting things from the tippy-top of the pantry. It’s annoying and it makes me feel less than.
  • Laughing at myself in the theater and then turning to share the laugh with the creepy old man is not. that. cool.
  • I miss having a chef. In the last few years, most of the men I’ve entertained cooked for me. Where are you????
  • Going to a Sara Bareilles concert at the Philips Arena, possibly alone, is not okay. It’s actually an all time low. But I will do it.
  • It’s getting cold and I don’t want to pay to dry clean my dirty comforters.
  • Death to being a third wheel.
  • To ward off creepy old men while at the grocery store. NO, you will NOT trick me into giving you my number!!!!!!!!
  • To go dancing with. The whole wrap your hands around your body does not work on a dance floor.
  • Because Jesus simply cannot be my boyfriend. Ew. I mean, hello.

*modified on 02/19/13

10. To take my pictures and design my damn blog like every other lifestyle and fashion blogger. When do I get my chance?!?!?

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  1. What a great post. I love it. My list was super similar years ago, except mine included, “I need someone to kill spiders for me.” Hahaha!

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