9 reasons why i possibly wish i had a boyfriend

And yes, I said possibly.

I’ve been boyfriend-less (not to be confused with lover-less or relation-less) for….*dramatic drum roll and dainty taps on the cymbals*…….five years. I know I know, what is an amazingly drop dead gorgeous diva like myself doing single? Chile…I ask myself that same question all of the time. LOL. I’m kidding. Really I am.

Seven months of celibacy (CAN I GET AN AMEN???????) will make you think about crazy things like boyfriends, cotton candy, panda bears and other things that don’t matter. Sometimes, I do possibly wish I had a boyfriend. Yup. I’ll tell you why.

1. Sometimes I have a real difficult time getting things from the tippy-top of the pantry. It’s annoying and it makes me feel less than.

2. Laughing at myself in the theater and then turning to share the laugh with the creepy old man is not. that. cool.

3. I miss having a chef. In the last few years, most of the men I’ve entertained cooked for me. Where are you????

4. Going to a Sara Bareilles concert at the Philips Arena, possibly alone, is not okay. It’s actually an all time low. But I will do it.

5. It’s getting cold and I don’t want to pay to dry clean my dirty comforters.

6. Death to being a third wheel.

7. To ward off creepy old men while at the grocery store. NO, you will NOT trick me into giving you my number!!!!!!!!

8. To go dancing with. The whole wrap your hands around your body does not work on a dance floor.

9. Because Jesus simply cannot be my boyfriend. Ew.

I mean, hello.

*modified on 02/19/13

10. To take my pictures and design my damn blog like every other lifestyle and fashion blogger. When do I get my chance?!?!?

  • https://twitter.com/KimChevon Creative Addict (@KimmieChevon)

    Such a GREAT post! I feel you on reason #1 (since I’m only 4’11”) and reason #7 is hilarious, same thing happens to me :(

  • https://twitter.com/jodinescorner jodinescorner (@jodinescorner)

    And you forgot the most important one: To give me back massages.

  • https://twitter.com/bessieakuba Bessie Akuba Winn (@fabdogooder)

    LOL @ #2 I love this post..its so sincere

  • fabdogooder

    LOL @ #2 I love this post..its so sincere

  • Nat

    Love it Luce!

  • http://naturallyalise.com/blog/ Naturally Alise

    !!!!! @ #9. Awesometastic list.

  • https://hlindskold.wordpress.com/ Heather

    What a great post. I love it. My list was super similar years ago, except mine included, “I need someone to kill spiders for me.” Hahaha!

  • https://twitter.com/SwarthyDaisy Swarthy Daisy

    You are darling! I met my hubby at age 30. Your man is being seasoned up for you. Get ready for the journey ma-ma!

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