As a blogger, I take in a lot of content from fellow style bloggers. Most of that content is too good to keep to myself. I wrote about a few of my favorite fashion bloggers a few years ago and since then, I’ve added/replaced some of them. To me, these personal style bloggers do a great job not only with their personal style but being able to let their personalities shine through as well. There’s only so many style blogs you can read before your eyes cross from seeing the same trend and handbag on every blogger’s page. Then there are style bloggers whose life stories are interwoven beautifully into their posts, making the visit to their site a pleasant one.

 7 Female Style Bloggers You Should Know

1. Frédérique Tietcheu, I Go By Frankie: I’ll be honest…In my head, I dress like Carrie Bradshaw. But really, I dress like a school teacher who’s rebelling. Frédérique, aka Frankie, is like Carrie Bradshaw in the 70s. Something about her smile seems purely genuine through her photos. This Parisian is funky-fab and I can dig it. (Photo via I Go By Frankie)

Frédérique Tietcheu

2. Julie Sarinana, Sincerely Jules: Jules’ style is where I want to be in my 30s. She completely understands and appreciates all things glam-caj (that’s glam casual, if you’re not hip to the lingo). She’s like a walking advertisement for the LA-type and I love it. (Photo via Sincerely Jules)

Julie Sarinana

3 & 4.Thaina and Patrice Madere, Secret Des Soeurs: Now I’ve blogged about these ladies before so I might be a bit biased here but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate.It the saying “there is power in numbers” must be true in this case because these sisters are doing IT. Okay? With the help of amazing photography, they have taken their personal style to fashion editorial levels. In my humble opinion. (Photo via Secret Des Soeurs)

Secret Des Soeurs

5. Aimee Song, Song of Style: This girl right here is TOO fabulous. Her style is simple but it’s her personality that makes it shine the most. Some bloggers get to a point in stardom where they’re too big to be human. Not her. She still blogs like a regular girl. (Photo via Song of Style)

Aimee Song

6. Ashleigh Hutchinson, The Daileigh: I think she takes fashion risks and has the body to work it. Two things I notice she does very well and it could quite possibly her “thing: crop tops and monochromatic pieces. Her look can go from professional to sexy in the blink of an eye. (Photo via The Daileigh)

Ashleigh Hutchinson

7. Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Girl: Honestly, this girl is living a dream. Not only is her style classic and timeless, the places she goes in them reflect the same. Her photos are the PERFECT example of the magic that can happen when you date a photographer. (Photo via Gary Pepper Girl)

Nicole Warne