66 Perry Street

Yesterday, I giddily touched the steps where Carrie Bradshaw’s Manolo’s once gracefully sauntered upon. Nestled in New York’s West Village, 66 Perry Street is a sacred abode for tourist’s and faithful Sex and the City viewer’s. I could not leave without visiting the place Carrie wrote many a post for her column, perched at the windowsill.

new york

Although Sarah Jessica Parker’s character lived a luxurious lifestyle for a writer, I couldn’t help but imagine myself walking down Perry Street to the local bodega or lounge. The area is so me. Realistically, my budget is probably more like The Bronx but a girl can only dream.

new york
Sweater, Jacket & Shoes: H&M | Leggings: F21 | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Watch: Target

I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions on this trip. Questions to help me make the “right” decisions. Questioning my doubts and fears. Seeking to be more discerning in everything I do. But sometimes you just have to say fuck it and throw caution to the wind.

My friend Christiana said to me at dinner, “You are MORE than a conqueror.” Meaning, the very least you can be is a conqueror. DID YOU GET THAT? A conqueror. Victor. Overcomer. Winner. Warrior. You’re MORE than that. You know what that means???? You’re pretty much an unstoppable force yet you are also your own restaint.

So, I’m not really sure where I was going with that random praise break but go ahead and grab that. Apply it to whatever aspect of your life and move forward.


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