If you’ve been blogging for 5 or more years like myself, you’ve probably reached the point where you want to get into the nitty-gritty of blogging. At this point, you know all of the basics and you want to learn the harder stuff. If you’re anything like me, the harder stuff include technical topics like SEO, HTML, ad campaigns and analytics.

The blogosphere is inundated with regurgitated information and that’s okay for a beginning blogger, not someone who’s more advanced, like you. It’s rare to find a blog about blogging that provides new and refreshing content. Bloggers that are transparent about how they got to their level of success in this business are the type of bloggers I like. They aren’t afraid to share how you can be great too.

I’ve taken it upon myself to learn a few things the hard way. And by hard I mean I google every single thing I want to know. Although I’d love to take a class or two, anything more than a dollar is more than I can afford. Once I google my question, I read post after post after post on the subject and start applying the tips to my blog. It’s a tedious process but I’ve seen so much progress.

I thought I knew all there was to know about blogging until visiting these sites. I’ve spent HOURS reading and applying what I’ve read. It would be completely selfish of me to keep these great blogs to myself, so here goes.     dfg

6 Most Informative Blogs If You Want to Be a Really Awesome Blogger

by Regina

I honestly don’t know where I’d be had I not discovered Regina’s blog the beginning of this year. When I like something I read online, I print so that I can go back and highlight what I’ve learned. I basically printed Regina’s entire blog, I am not kidding. By far, Regina has been THE most transparent blogger I’ve ever come across. She’s the first blogger I saw who disclosed how much she made a month blogging and detailed exactly where all the money came from. The goal of many bloggers is to eventually make money from it. Regina does an amazing job thoroughly discussing the basics to advanced blogging. If you follow her tips, there’s no way you won’t succeed as a blogger.

Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB)

I’ve learned so much about the technical side of blogging from IFB. When you’re blogging, understanding why taking great images matter and having access to individuals in the fashion world giving professional advice is priceless. The community is great as well because we’re all learning and sharing.


Working in media, I know that social and marketing tactics are always evolving. I’ve learned so much about the business side of blogging from Copyblogger. Creating E-books and podcasts may be a popular thing now with bloggers, but it has always been a large part of content marketing. Being a blogger is great. Being a blogger that writes and writes well is even better. Creating content that elicits conversation is how stay in this game. Understanding that providing value is essential in the blogosphere will get you very far. Be invaluable!


The Nectar Collective

Much like by Regina’s blog, I’ve gotten TONS of information on blogging from Melyssa. At this point in my blogging career, I’m really trying to grow my audience and Melyssa gives you step-by-step tips on how to do that and way much more. Literally, she has a post on ANYTHING blogging business related. A huge plus is that she has a resource library that is FREE to you when you subscribe to her blog. And it doesn’t hurt that all of her graphics are super colorful, for visual people like me.

Holly McCraig

I recently found Holly’s blog through a retweet and I’ve loved her content ever since. She is a graphic artist who is quite thorough with all of her tutorials (which is very important to me because I can be so slow lol).

Maya Elious

The reason I’m just getting into Maya (because I actually know her sister, Mattie), is because the services she now provides is right up my alley. Previously, she was a graphic designer and now she is a creative coach for entrepreneurs. Yes, she sells products, but she always gives PLENTY away. This information isn’t just for entrepreneurs, but bloggers, creatives and full-timers wanting to take the leap as well.

So those are my six favorite blogs about blogging. Now your turn to share. Who do you look to as a resource for all things blogging?

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