4 Things I Know For Sure

Lessons from the weekend.


4 Things I Know For Sure

1. Being alone is overrated.

With all confidence, I can honestly say that I have absolutely no problem living alone for the rest of my life. I won’t have to deal with the snoring or watching sports. I’ll eat cereal for dinner and pizza for breakfast without judgment. I won’t have to deal with another person’s mess, dramas or issues. But I’ll miss out on the companionship and those annoying habits that are cute when you love someone. I can shield myself from the bad, but as a result, I will be keeping away all the good moments.

When you die, you die alone. Might as well make the best of the human experience while you have time.

2. It’s not always about you and your problems.

It feels pretty awesome when someone reaches out to you out of the blue, just because they were thinking about you. Remember that feeling and extend that gesture to someone else.

3. Relationships of every kind take effort.

I like this boy; I think he’s pretty awesome. But most times, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know how to act or what to say. Sometimes, my defense mechanism is to be mean and/or to disappear. Someone else’s feelings and emotions are not your responsibility, but when you care, you don’t take those feelings for granted. You try to make things right. You try to understand. You compromise.

4. You already know the important things.

What gets you excited when you first wake up, what keeps you going throughout the day, what makes you happy….those are the important things. Keep pursuing those things because they mean everything to you and that’s all that matters.

Happy Monday.

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  1. Very, very true! One thing I learned last year is that friendships are romantic relationships, too. When you truly love someone as a friend, you act with his/her feelings in mind. You reciprocate kind gestures. You forgive, and you expect them to treat you with the same respect and kindness you’ve shown.

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