So you quit your day job for your daydream and now your daydream is turning into a nightmare. Or something like that. Well, don’t panic. If you, like me, still feel strongly about your decision to leave a position, remember why you did it and keep on believing.

I’ll admit, today wasn’t the most inspiring of days but I always come across some hopeful reads that lift my spirits. According to Forbes, 2014 is the year for women entrepreneurs. That’s exciting and encouraging because we’re all in the same boat: shifting our dreams into fruition. Glass ceiling what?! Tuh.

So before that daydream of yours turns into a full-on nightmare, try these four things.

4 Proactive Things to Do While Waiting to Land a Job


Gone are the days of applying online and wishfully thinking someone will call you back. I’ve learned that the application you filled out on Monster is not being read by a hiring manager but a program which sifts through keywords to find the most “qualified” candidate. Which means a hiring manager probably never saw your application. Just hitting submit online really isn’t going to cut it anymore. Diversify your search by making real connections. Go to meet-and-greets, set coffee and tea dates, attend career fairs, etc. Find those emails and contact people directly! You’ll be so surprised by how many people actually respond.


After being with the same company for many years, the interview process is more than a distant memory. Spruce up your skills by signing up to take a class. Sites like The Daily Muse always offer a wealth of insightful career advice and tips.


I know, wasting gas to get to an unpaid gig doesn’t seem wise. But more often than not, a volunteer opportunity has it’s benefits and can very-well turn a into full-time opportunity. Also, volunteer experience looks great on your resume. It shows the future employer that you’re willing to serve and be useful.


I for one have no interest in giving thousands of dollars to Sallie Mae for another degree. Depending on your industry, getting a certificate may be the difference in your application being viewed or thrown in the trash. If you are able to, teach yourself. YouTube has got to be one of the greatest resources of this generation, yet we don’t utilize it enough. Learn as much as you can in order to receive the leverage you need.

And with all things, never give up. I swear I contemplate it at least once a week but I’m not built for it. And neither are you.

Best of luck and Happy Monday.