30 gift ideas for a 30th birthday

On a scale of 1 to NeNe, how shady am I for not blogging for three weeks, only to come back with a birthday wish list? Well, I did it! Tomorrow is my birthday. A few people have been asking me what I wanted but that’s not really a question I’m good at answering. I pretty much buy myself what I want but hey, if you want to get me something, I’d be the happiest girl in the world.

So what does a girl turning 30 want anyway? I thought long and hard about it and that’s really a tough question to answer. When we’re younger, the choices for gifts are endless. So many toys. The gifts start to get a little more complicated as you get older.

If you also have a friend entering their 30’s, maybe they’d also like something from this list. What to give a friend turning 30? I have 30 gift ideas for ya.

30 Gifts for a 30th Birthday

  1. T-Shirt – I’m not one for graphic tees, especially not ones that date me but this vintage 1985 tee is super cute and tasteful.
  2. Cupcakes – If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably didn’t get the memo that cupcakes are all the rage nowadays. Atlanta just got a Georgetown Cupcakes and I’ve been meaning to try them. I’m sure your sweet-toothed friend would really appreciate this.
  3. Spa Gift Voucher – I don’t know what happen but towards the second half of age 29, my body got all kinds of kinks, aches and pains. I don’t think anyone would turn down a trip to the spa. I personally think Jeju, here in Atlanta, is the bomb. You can go and spend an entire day there.
  4. Homemade Personalized Gifts – Anything from the heart is much appreciated.
  5. Money – As is plain ole cash.
  6. Macy’s Gift Card – If you know me, you know that I love shoes. Just about all of my shoes come the sales rack at Macy’s. I’ve found so many beauties there. And the discounts?! Lord.
  7. Target Gift Card – No one can resist the big read dot. Go into Target for one thing, leave with 15. It’s a trap, a good trap.
  8. Restaurant Gift Card – This is a no-brainer. When in doubt, give food.
  9. Concert Tickets – Find out who will be in town and surprise your friend with a pair. Of course you’re the plus one so maybe pick a show you both would enjoy.
  10. Adventure – I’ve been dying to do something FUN for a really long time, but funds. I’m thinking Andretti’s, laser tag, paint balling, rock climbing, etc. Birthdays can be fun for everyone.
  11. Perfume – Now this one is a bit tricky. I would straight up ask the person what they wear instead of guessing. Scents I’ve been loving: Viktor & Rolf: Flowerbomb, Gucci: Guilty, and Thierry Mugler: Angel.
  12. Candles – I’ve fallen back in love with candles. Aromatherapy calms my spirit. Plus, candles just smell so good. A few of my favorites come from Anthropologie and Henri Bendel.
  13. Sephora Gift Card – I can’t count how many times I go to Sephora to “try” on a foundation. I’ve been “trying” them on for years. Still haven’t purchased a real bottle lol. Needless to say, I’m in there a lot. Your woman friend would probably be in line next to me. Get her this.
  14. Books – I have a lot of books. The list of books I want to read grow more and more each day. For instance, I’m dying to read Ruby by Cynthia Bond. I haven’t added that to my Amazon wish list but I should.
  15. Colorful Pens – Real talk, I’m obsessed with these pens. And they won’t bleed through.
  16. Stationary – I think more than anything, I love paper. Like, I really have a love affair with paper. Note cards, post it notes, note pads – you can never have enough.
  17. Laptop Bag – I haven’t found one that I really love yet but when I do, I’ll update this list.
  18. Camera – I can’t even count how many times I’ve purchased a camera only to sell it because it wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t using it enough. But I’m tired of having to wait on someone to take my photos.
  19. Gas Card – I live 30+ miles from the city and travel for work and play just about 7 days a week. I go through A LOT of gas. A gas card is a blessing.
  20. Brazilian Wax Card – The things we do to relieve ourselves of the inconvenience of shaving. Never again can I go two months without a wax. *shudders*
  21. Ikea Gift Card – Sometimes, I just like to go to IKEA for inspiration. Their stuff is so reasonably priced, you really can’t go wrong.
  22. H&M Gift Card – Just about all of my clothes come from H&M. Pretty good quality clothing for a great price.
  23. Bare Minerals Gift Card – So I’ve recently been sold on Bare Minerals foundation (in loose powder form). All my life I thought liquid foundation was my thing but my combination skin says no. I’m really thinking about getting a customized box with full size products.
  24. Movies Gift Card – Last time I went to the movies, I believe it was around $13. That’s ridiculous. If you’re friend loves movies, treat them to one.
  25. The Container Store Gift Card – Honestly, I can’t afford much in this store. Every once in a while I’ll go in and splurge but only on one item. I’m in love with their various makeup organizers. My lipglosses and brushes could use a new home.
  26. Whole Foods Gift Card – When I’m nice and rich, I’m strictly going to shop for produce and all things natural from Whole Foods Market. For right now, I’ll continue to carefully weigh my dinner plate. You can easily spend $15 on a salad if you’re not careful.
  27. Heutiful Steamer – If I don’t get this steamer, I’m chopping my hair off. I’m positive this is my only saving grace.
  28. Puzzles – This might be me channeling my inner old lady but puzzles are comforting. A nice way to get your mind off of your troubles. I recently just bought a 1000 piece puzzle and I cannot wait to have some downtime to get started.
  29. 30 Day Personal Trainer – No lie, if you got me this, I’d love you forever. All I need is 30 days for a trainer to whip me into shape.
  30. Naked Eyeshadow Palette – I’ve been eyeing this palette for years now. Can’t seem to shell the money out for it but it would be a lovely gift for a girl who loves makeup.

There you have it boys and girls. Thirty birthday gift items for your friend (or me), who’s turning thirty. Survey says: gift cards are the best gifts 🙂