Day 28 → What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

I used to be firm on this answer but I’m unsure now. And I don’t think you’ll really be sure of what you would do until you’re put in the situation. I’m not sure how it goes with other nationalities but if you’re a Haitian girl and you get pregnant before marriage, it’s a no no. The entire community looks down at you. BUT! As soon as the baby comes, everyone embraces the child.

Before, I used to be totally against abortion. My answer to this question would be based on the situation. If I were raped, I don’t think I would keep the child. Mentally, I would not be well enough to properly take care of that child. And God forbid the child looked like the person who assaulted me.

In any other situation, I think I would keep the child. At this point, I’ve surpassed my mother as far as age for getting pregnant so I’m good! Lol. I kid. I’m so not ready to be anyone’s mom.

Moral of the story: if Lucy ever gets pregnant, look for her in Soweto, Africa.

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