30 days of truth: day three

Day 03 → Something you have to forgive yourself for.

Hmmm……this is a tough one. How much/little to disclose? Or which sin to pick?

I grew up saying I would be a virgin until I got married. One day five years ago, I threw that all away. I was hard on myself because of that. I think for a long time after that, I just wouldn’t allow myself to feel. I’m my mind, a lot of the sexual situations I found myself in was because I gave in too soon. So I punished myself by being cold. I could’ve waited.
Also, I feel that if I grew up hearing words of affirmation from my dad, I would’ve waited as well. PSA to all the fathers out there: tell your daughters they are beautiful and worth the wait. They’ll listen!

That’s just one of many. I’m human and I make mistakes EVERY DAY. I learned that I have to forgive myself or else I won’t be able to live with myself.

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  1. Ma’am. I had the SAME feeling. Then I asked God to forgive me and let me love myself again. And God gave me that hope. He also gave me someone that loves me for me and thats how I know if you wait on the Lord he will give you that right one ( still praying that he STAYS the right one….lol).

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