Starting tomorrow, I will do one good deed a day for the next 28 days until my birthday.

28 good deeds – 28 days – 28th birthday

Coming up with a list of things to do was a bit tough but here is what I have so far:


1. Buy flowers for mom {done}

2. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

3. Spend time with an old friend {done}

4. Participate in a local walk {done}

5. Plant a tree {done}

6. Support the arts {done}

7. Compliment five people {done}

8. Tutor

9. Leave a big tip and note for a waiter or waitress

10. Pay for someone’s toll {done}

11. Babysit

12. Donate $$ to a worthy organization

13. Buy someone coffee

14. Send someone a “thinking of you” or “thank you” card {done}

15. Offer to help someone do something free of charge

16. Make someone dinner {done}

17. Volunteer at a nursing home

18. Buy someone’s groceries

19. Give someone a gift card

20. Participate in a youth empowerment event

21. Give someone an event ticket

22. Give someone a real hug {done}

23. Smile and remember to say “good morning” {done}

24. Volunteer at a community garden {done}

25. Mow the lawn for the parentals

26. Donate to a friend’s cause {done}



I would love if you could help me fill in the blanks. Okay…go!

“…we should be remembered for the things we do. The things we do are the most important things of all. They are more important than what we say or what we look like. The things we do outlast our mortality. The things we do are like monuments that people build to honour heroes after they’ve died. They’re like the pyramids that the Egyptians built to honour the Pharaohs. Only instead of being made out of stone, they’re made out of the memories people have of you. That’s why your deeds are like your monuments. Built with memories instead of with stone.”
― R.J. Palacio

miss lucy