19 Signs you’re well over the age of 25

I know I’m not the only one addicted to the hilarious posts from the Buzzfeed site. They know how to find THE best gifs ever. So I searched the net for awesome gifs to make my own list of things. Nineteen signs that you’re well over the age of 25. Here goes.

1. You start eating salads.


2. You pretend like you’re going hard in the gym. #ButYoureAlwaysTheSameSize

3. You start yawning hard by 10pm on a “school night”.
4. You get excited when your friends cancel friday night plans.
5. Naps are ESSENTIAL to productivity.
6. The highlight of your work day is laughing at vines on your lunch break.
7. You send your friends emails of funny things you come across the net.
8. You have to plan a month in advance with your friends to catch up.
9. You can’t have more than two alcoholic beverages before you tap out.
10. It takes a complete day to get over a hang over…so you only drink wine.
11. You enjoy spending time alone away from the crowd; no more clubs.
12. One day, you woke up, and YOU LOVED RED WINE. #WineSavedMeFromPatron
13. You hang out with your colleagues outside of work.
14. Basically, life is just about work.
15. You’re addicted to balancing your accounts every pay day.
16. When Friday comes, no one can tell you anything.
17. You dance like this…and that’s why you’re alone.
18. All of your friends are getting engaged/married/having kids…at once.
19. Your last date was, well…

LOL. I’m just laughing at myself. What did I leave out???
all photos via Reaction GIFs
miss lucy
  • Jess j.

    This is me. Like….every single one of them.

  • Alicia

    20. You know it makes you seem old, but you can’t help shaking your head at “kids today” with their social media and fashionable clothes

  • Christie

    You watch music award shows and look forward to the tribute at the end because you don’t know any of the other people on the show & prefer to keep it that way. You listen to and sometimes enjoy NPR.

  • Kim Jackson

    LOL!!! Excellent post. I would add, you can’t go out on Friday nights because you need a nap first in order to be able to “hang”. heehee

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