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Oprah Winfrey Life You Want

The lights grew dim as wristbands began to illuminate the arena. A voice low, yet robust filled the atmosphere. Women excitedly cheered on as they recognized the familiar voice speaking. I could barely hear what she was reciting over the roaring applause. And then, like a vision of a burning sun, she rose from within the stage. We all lost our minds! It took me a second to realize that I was watching Oprah Gail Winfrey walk on the stage. Tears began to well in my eyes as it hit me: I was seeing Oprah in the flesh.

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Dr. Oz Moves To WSB & Presents The Atlanta Health Expo

So are you sick of me telling you who’s coming to town yet?! I hope not. Because….

The Dr. Oz Show is making Atlanta’s WSB-TV its new home!


Starting Monday, September 8th, The Dr. Oz Show will air at 3pm on WSB-TV channel 2. We were first introduced to this charming man through Oprah Winfrey (because she just knows all the best people). And since then, his syndicated daytime show has been making great strides on the airwaves.

Oh but wait, there’s more. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you don’t want to miss the “Bringing Healthy Back with Dr. Oz” health expo, presented by USANA on September 13th at the Downtown Hilton.

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September Writing Challenge

I’m always trying to find ways to challenge myself as a writer. It’s rare for me to call myself that as I don’t see it in me often. Doing challenges, reading the thoughts of others or just jotting random ideas down all help my writing efforts.

Writing is an important activity I think we all have to do. It can be exhausting trying to keep up with all the thoughts running through your mind. Get it all out.

Here’s a writing challenge on the blog From a Wild Flower that looks fun.


By the end of the challenge (or throughout the challenge, if you like), come back to this post and let me know how it’s coming along!

Oprah’s ‘The Life You Want’ Weekend Giveaway

We interrupted your amazing Saturday plans to bring you a special message….


No one will be getting a car (I don’t think) but she will be in town for two days to inspire the masses to live the life you want. And the best part? I have a pair of tickets for you and a friend to attend!!!!!

*Insert Oprah sing/song scream*

St Louis  Lifeclass - B Show

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